New white paper on presenteeism responds to Aviva Working Lives Report

Absence Management software specialist Activ Absence has produced their response to the 2017 Aviva Working Lives report, which showed that 7 in 10 employees have gone into the office when they were too unwell to do so.

Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director for Activ Absence, said:

There are many reasons why people go into work sick, ranging from financial problems to over-zealous employers who, in an attempt to curb sickness absence, have brought in rigid, inflexible procedures instead of investing in absence management tools that offer a real insight into sickness absence and allow a responsive approach which actually improves employee engagement.  We’d like to see managers create a strategy that tackles both absence and presenteeism, as they can ironically arise from the same cultural issues.”

The White Paper examines why these dual challenges arise, and what steps employers can take in order to address the issues.  Adrian continues:

“We know better than most that sick days have a cost to the company – our software lets employers know!  However, presenteeism is not a favourable alternative and our white paper will hopefully give employers a starting point to striking a balance and tackling both issues.”

The white paper can be downloaded here.

Author: Editorial Team

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