New Year, New You… Actually Starts Now!

Don’t wait until January to make a start on your New Year’s resolutions. According to data from recruitment experts Michael Page, if you want to start a new job in the new year, the time to apply is now.

Based on historical data, the company has revealed the average job application process takes 40 days from submitting a CV to being offered a role. Once notice periods and Christmas bank holidays are added to the equation, this means anyone hoping to start afresh in January with a new job needs to apply before mid-November.

Nick Kirk, UK Managing Director of Michael Page, commented: “We’re all familiar with the ‘new year, new me’ ethos – it feels inescapable as soon as the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, people who wait to make a start on their resolutions risk getting left behind.

“Securing a new job can be a lengthy process, with applicants and employers needing to be sure the right person is being offered the right role. As our data shows, the average process takes over a month, so those who start seeking a new role in January may find themselves actually moving in March.”

The data also offers good news for those hoping to land a temporary seasonal role, as according to Michael Page, the average time from application to job offer for temporary jobs is just 11 days.

Whilst January is traditionally seen as a time to reset and restart, this data shows that now is the best time to put in the effort to ensure a happy new year.

BOX OUT – practical tips for job seekers

Be clear about your reasons for leaving

Are you sure you want to leave your job, or are you feeling pressured to start afresh in the new year? Establish the reasons why you want to leave your current job and, if you can, speak to your manager about your concerns. Once you’ve had these frank conversations and are certain that moving on is the right decision, you will be able to make smart decisions about your next role.

Think about where you want to work next

Candidates and employers are now placing more value on workplace environment and ensuring the right team culture when hiring.  It’s crucial to be sure that you know what kind of role, company, and working environment you are looking for in your next position before you start your job hunt. If you find an environment and culture that matches well with your personal values, you are more likely to be happier at work.

Keep an open mind

Adopt a positive and flexible attitude to your job search. Listen to what opportunities are in the market and remain open-minded to different companies and locations. In keeping your mind open, you may be presented with opportunities which may be worth changing location or industry for – a real new year overhaul!

Update your LinkedIn profile and CV

Your LinkedIn profile and CV are your gateway to a future position. Most employers will cross reference the information before deciding on whether to progress your application, so ensure both are sharp and accurate to avoid your application being discarded at the first hurdle. Start with a tailored personal statement to your prospective new employer, highlight your key skills, use a spell checker and whatever you do, don’t lie.

Prepare for your interview

This may be a busy time of year, but an interview is the time to make a great first impression on a potential employer. Do your homework on the company – look at its latest news, work or any award wins. Have an understanding of where you can fit into the organisation and its culture. Anticipate possible questions and rehearse your answers too, as this will help you to deliver seamlessly on the day.

Author: Editorial Team

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