Office Cures January Blues with Custom Vending Machine

You Won’t Believe What They Put in It!


Global office supplies company, Viking, have set out to cure the January Blues and banish Blue Monday with an extra special office vending machine.





The custom vending machine is stacked full of all sorts of weird and wonderful items expressly aimed at keeping the Viking office as motivated as possible and feeling in tip-top condition. The machine’s products target illness, reduce stress, boost motivation and also offers a bonus category for last minute supplies, such as spare pairs of tights, deodorant and toothbrushes.


Viking employees each received a set of payment tokens meaning they won’t need to use their own money to get a little treat to put some pep in their step. Below is a list of some of the products Viking included and the problems they address:




Eye drops
IV Bag (for rehydrating during a hangover)
Electrolytes (for rehydration)
Traditional sweets
Fitness watch
Green Tea
Hazmat suit (for protecting against catching a cold)
Desk pillow





Get out of work free card
Desk zen garden
Stress cube
Self-help books
Portable video games
Desktop basketball game
Desk fidgets (fidget spinner)
Bread and chocolate spread





Gym day passes
Holiday travel mag
Red Bull
Desk plant



Last-minute supplies:


Post-it notes
Shirt and tie
Phone chargers
Sanitary supplies
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Birthday cards



A study* has found that the winter months can have a particularly negative impact on mental wellbeing – 30% of employees said winter affects their productivity and 50% said it affected their mood adversely. The study also found that the office environment has a massive effect on limiting these feelings, which is one of the primary motivators for creating the Viking January Blues Vending Machine.



Chris Evans, Marketing Manager Europe at Viking, explains:



“It’s so easy to take our working environment for granted or to forget the incredible impact it can have on productivity, collaboration and even mood. We wanted to try and help quash those January blues this year with a novel approach – something that’s not just functional but a bit of fun.”


“Our employees have loved watching others use the machine as much as using it themselves!”

Author: Editorial Team

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