Office workers swap stilettos for slippers

One week ago the Government urged the UK to work from home where possible to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

With thousands of people across the country setting up office in their own homes, new research has shown that workers have adopted a new uniform, ditching suits and stilettos. 

In the last seven days Google searches in the UK have spiked for search terms like ‘slippers’, ‘loungewear’, ‘joggers’ and ‘dressing gown’. 

The research conducted by Hidepark, an online fashion retailer, also revealed the reasons behind why this new ‘uniform’ might be great for productivity, as personal stylist and style coach, Lisa Newport explains: 

“When working wear whatever gives you “comfydence” in that setting, so whether that be working from home or in the office. Comfydence is about being comfortable and confident in the situation or environment, so it’s no doubt that people are opting for these items.

“The term comfydence actually means different things to different people depending on what their base level is.”

Also revealed in the data is search terms for ‘blankets’, ‘desks’, ‘online games’ and ‘how to work from home’’ all gaining momentum in the last week, as people adjust to a new way of working.

Andy Bojko, director at Hidepark which conducted the research, said:

“It’s not surprising to see that people are opting to dress much more casually, working from home often means that you have much more time. It’s likely that people are embracing this, staying in bed longer, having more of a breakfast time and opting out of the laborious task of getting ready in the morning. 

“Also, people are in their own homes, some might not have the ideal office set up and may be working from the comfort of their living room, these sort of clothes are ideal and much more comfortable to be in around the house.”

View the full findings here.

Author: Editorial Team

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