Outbound recruiting: the alternative to inbound recruitment

The fundamentals of outbound recruiting

In outbound recruiting, recruiters approach potential profiles to offer them a job. To achieve this, they implement a well-developed strategy by integrating a specific tool that will greatly help them.

What is outbound recruiting?

Outbound recruiting has its origins in the technique of outbound marketing. It works according to the same principle thanks to the intervention of a lead generation tool, just as we do during a commercial prospecting. Thus, it will be up to the recruiter to put forward convincing arguments to seduce the potential candidate to join the company.

Outbound recruiting is becoming a very trendy recruitment method in sectors requiring highly technical skills, such as aeronautics or IT for example. It is indeed difficult to find profiles that really meet the criteria required for these positions. Instead of launching an offer, recruitment agencies prefer to search for candidates themselves by consulting their CV archives. If none of the registered profiles correspond to the company’s requirements, they then undertake an outbound recruiting campaign.

Why should you prefer outbound recruiting to inbound recruiting?

As mentioned above, there are areas where inbound recruiting is ineffective. This strategy is based on time-consuming tasks that could lead to nothing if no candidate matches the profile sought. Let’s remember that in inbound recruiting, you have to launch an offer, wait for applications, sort the files and check the veracity of the information.

With outbound recruiting, it is possible to contact the candidate immediately without going through these steps. The advantage is that the recruiter is sure to call on a person with the required skills. This saves time and ensures that the ideal candidate is recruited.

How do I use Kaspr for outbound recruiting?

Kaspr is a sales prospecting tool, but since outbound recruiting is similar to outbound marketing, it can be used as well. This software helps you generate quality leads with its technology to refine searches on LinkedIn.

With the help of this tool, you have the privilege to select your candidates via this social network. You can customize your search criteria to contact only the best profiles. Kaspr also comes with an automatic feature to send massive connection requests and personalized messages to engage candidates.

This software also manages to automatically collect the contact information of your LinkedIn contacts. This information can be transmitted directly to a CRM. This gives you the opportunity to contact interesting profiles by email, phone or on LinkedIn itself.

But why choose Kaspr? Because this tool has proven itself with more than a hundred customers, including Kestio, Swile (formerly Lunchr), Ornikar, Plezi and GetQuanty. Since its creation more than 2 years ago, it has conquered thousands of users and collected millions of email addresses and phone numbers.

How do you convince a candidate?

A person with exceptional technical skills is inevitably solicited by other companies. In outbound recruiting, it is therefore important to approach them with a relevant and strategic message.

To do this, you need to analyze their profile in order to better understand their experiences and interests. By doing so, you will be able to focus the discussion in such a way as to capture him completely.

During the exchange, talk about the company by mentioning its objectives, its values, as well as some key figures. You should also inform the candidate of the steps you are taking to look for profiles with specific skills like him/her. And of course, don’t forget to tell them about all the opportunities they could benefit from within the company.

If the candidate refuses the offer, you must demonstrate that you are open to a future collaboration.


Outbound recruiting is a recommended recruitment strategy for positions that require very specific technical knowledge. Originating from outbound marketing, the process of developing this technique resembles that of sales prospecting. Therefore, the use of Kaspr lead generation software is highly recommended. It allows you to easily find and contact potential candidates.

Author: Editorial Team

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