Over a third of employees are likely to take more time off due to uninspiring workplaces

Over a third (36%) of British employees are likely to take time off work due to an uninspiring workplace environment, a recent YouGov survey has discovered.

Oktra, the UK’s leading office design and build company, has defined the inextricable link between wellbeing and workplace technology. Wellbeing has recently been under scrutiny as one of the fundamental components of a successful workplace that cannot be ignored or treated as merely a box-ticking exercise.

Nic Pryke, Design Director at Oktra said:

“It can be easy to overlook how the design of an office impacts the people within it. By conducting a thorough assessment of a workspace, we can begin to understand what works and what is holding back not just the evolution of a business, but the employees’ personal development too.”

Top 5 Causes for Mental Wellbeing Concerns in the Workplace


Lack of natural light

Noise levels

Bad internal lighting

Poor workplace tech/equipment

Considering a typical day in the office can range between 7-12 hours, it is undeniable that the environment in which employees work needs to accommodate and support their requirements in order to maximise both productivity and wellbeing. A well-designed workplace with the right lighting, acoustics and air conditioning can help resolve some of these issues affecting wellbeing.

Nic Pryke added: “There has been an increased focus on work-life balance and employee’s needs and sleeping pods are one of the by-products of this movement. Relaxation and meditation rooms are becoming increasingly popular and recently we installed sleeping pods in Gymshark’s new headquarters in Solihull.”

Nearly 3 in 10 of British employees (29%) are likely to use a sleep pod if they had one in their workplace. This could be a valuable resource for employees expected to work overtime, particularly in the Legal and Financial sectors, where working hours are dependent on the fluctuating rate of business.

A carefully designed office that considers the wellbeing of employees will cultivate an environment that support the needs and innovation behind the business. Motivate team members with an inspiring office design that will deliver a strong work-life balance and optimise workplace performance.

Author: Editorial Team

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