Perks of the job: Bar 44 prides itself on jetting staff to all corners of Spain

The Bar 44 Tapas y Copas Group has displayed once again why it is one of Cardiff’s best employers by surprising staff members across their restaurants with a once in a lifetime holiday in northern Spain.

The ‘Bar 44 Road trip’ will see owners Owen and Tom Morgan take eight of their highest performing employees across the Galicia region, starting in the city of La Coruna, which is famed for its exceptional wine and world class seafood. There they will attend a tour of the Estrella Galicia brewery, dine at Michelin starred restaurant Alborada and sail the Galician coast.

Brothers Owen and Tom are no strangers to Spanish culture, undertaking many adventures in the country previously, meeting local chefs and consuming authentic cuisine, fuelling their deep-rooted passion for Spanish culture.

This passion is something Owen and Tom want to impart on their staff so that they continue to run the very best Spanish food and drink venues in the UK, giving customers exceptional quality with every visit.

Outside of requesting that staff members ‘eat, drink and be merry’ as well as pack their ‘elasticated trousers’, the road trip is a chance to learn and engage with the Spanish people and culture and bring back the rich Spanish culinary traditions to Cardiff.

Owen Morgan said: “We are now nearly 15 years down the road and things have changed a lot in that time. The one thing that won’t change is the quest to improve ourselves and to improve the company. We are delighted to be in a position to take staff away and share an experience like this with us and show them why we love everything about Spain.”

Jessia Walker, hostess for the Bar 44 Group, was incredibly excited when Owen and Tom told her to get ready for the trip:

“It was the most spectacular surprise. I’m so thrilled to be able to experience the culture and food that we’ve come to love so much from working here”.

The latest Bar 44 Road Trip in La Coruna is part of an ongoing tradition of organising secret trips for their top performers and goes a long way to explain why the restaurant group have such high staff retention and satisfaction ratings.

Last year employees were taken on expeditions to a range of Spanish locations including Jerez de la Frontera, also known as the ‘Sherry Triangle’, to spend time with sherry producers learning all about how the authentic produce found at Bar 44 is harvested.

Owen said:

“We love to reward the high performance of our workers with a well-earned break, but also these trips enrich their passion and knowledge for the work they do.


“Ultimately it gives our clientele that unique experience of eating and drinking with us you can’t find anywhere else.”

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