A Post-Brexit Success Story: UK and Italy Join Together to Fight Food Waste

A new international food rescue partnership has begun between City Harvest London and the Italian Qui Foundation. The two not-for-profit organisations have just started a formal alliance, in order to join forces in ending hunger in their respective countries of operation.

City Harvest London is the largest London-based charity in the food redistribution field. Since 2014 City Harvest has grown rapidly in its achievable mission to end hunger by matching waste and want. The charity collects surplus food from London supermarkets and restaurants and delivers to other charities that serve meals to the least fortunate. City Harvest currently diverts 6 tonnes of edible surplus food every week from being sent to landfill, and delivers to more than 130 charities which feed thousands of people facing difficult times.

Since 2007, Qui Foundation, through its Pasto Buono programme, has been operating in Italy with the same mission and values. Pasto Buono partners with some of the main Italian charities to fight hunger.

City Harvest London and Qui Foundation have partnered to share best practices in the food rescue field. This alliance will allow City Harvest and Qui Foundation to operate more effectively, have access to additional food sources, feed more people and raise awareness amongst international food partners.

The partnership sets a precedent for more international cooperation between food rescue organisations on this critical global issue.

City Harvest and Qui Foundation will be involved in the FAO “Save Food” project, which aims at tackling food waste on an international level by cooperating with the food industry.

City Harvest CEO, Laura Winningham, said “there is tremendous value in together solving the issues of rampant hunger and enormous levels of food waste throughout the world.  Sharing ideas, technology, and experience will solve these problems faster and better. We hope other organisations will join us in these efforts”.

Qui Foundation’s Gregorio Fogliani, said “”We are especially happy to start this new partnership with C. H. London just before Christmas. With this agreement we at QUI Foundation confirm once again our strong will to create a network, even on an international level, against food waste. And it is even more meaningful that, in times while many call for building walls and barriers, our organisations are able to create efficient bridges instead – through dialogue and commitment to the wellbeing of the society and of the least fortunate”.

City Harvest is always looking for volunteers and donations. Supporters can get in touch via their website www.cityharvest.org.uk, by email info@cityharvest.org.uk, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Editorial Team

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