Preparing Your Home For Work

The time has come for many of us to get back to work as the green light has been given for business across the country to reopen once again, however for many of us it’s likely that remote working will remain for a longer period of time, or even permanently for many. This means that you may have to transform your home into a working office for yourself, which has challenges of its own – so where to start?

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  1. Pick somewhere out of the way – The perfect working environment may be somewhere that’s a little less visited by both yourself and people within your household – as long as you have space for a desk and connection, to ensure you can get the most done during your working day you’re better off setting up somewhere a little out of the way where you can concentrate and where it may be inconvenient to succumb to any distractions that may be around at home.
  1. Have somewhere to leave your distractions – This means not setting up in your lounge where your TV may be, so you’re not tempted to flick the TV on and watch a movie. Similarly if it isn’t needed directly for work, it may be smart to leave your phone in another room so you’re not tempted to flick on to your favourite game – especially now following the pandemic, non uk casinos are very common and have become an increasingly popular way for many to spend their free time – if you’re looking to focus on working, it’s important to remove these distractions.
  1. Block everything else that’s unnecessary – even temporarily – There are plenty of apps or extensions for your browser and also controls on your router itself, but if you feel it’s necessary it may be required that you temporarily restrict access to certain sites or programs during your working hours. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome whilst working from home is ensuring that you stay on task and don’t take ten minutes here or there to be distracted, whilst it’s easy to follow the previous point of simply moving away from a physical distraction, it’s not so easy to do so when you’re able to just open a browser page.

Despite the challenges to working from home, it can be a very liberating experience – the freedom of working from home isn’t something that can be matched in an office environment and by removing everyday stresses such as a long commute it can provide for a much more relaxing home environment – it has already been shown that there is little detriment to working from home, it’s just ensuring that the infrastructure is there for many to do so. It is an exciting opportunity however, and if you’re in the position to be able to work remotely may now be the time to prepare the space to do so – you may not always have this opportunity and capitalising on it is something that may not come back around in the future.

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