Quick Tips for Writing a Professional Business Résumé

The art of making a deal in the business world is just as complex as getting into it. A person looking to enter that field has a great start with a business degree, but it takes more than that to get started on the first rung towards greater success. In order to get going in business, one has to have the first thing that gets a person noticed: a business resume.

A resume in any field has to speak of an individual in professional terms and it has to get them noticed. Here are a few quick tips for getting a perfect resume to hand into the business person’s dream job:

  • Avoid opening bios. Everyone wants to get the message across that they are the candidate for the job, but putting a bio at the opening of a business resume is just a plain, bad idea.

What one needs to keep in mind when writing a resume is just that: the goal is to write a resume, not a novel that requires an author’s bio, so leave it out! The same is true for any declaration of goals or intended achievements. A summary of a person’s qualifications is satisfactory, though.

  • Avoid using standard bullet points. Yes, we know that’s exactly what we’re doing here, but this isn’t a resume! A business resume needs to stand out to an employer and the truth is that they’re going to likely get hundreds of applications for any given job, especially if it’s a position higher up in management.

For a person to use standard bullet marks makes a resume blend in with all of the others. The best way to ensure a resume stands out is to use bullet marks that are non-standard. There is a checkmark bullet point that can be used, for instance, to really make a resume appear original.

  • Only use relevant jobs in your work history. No, a resume shouldn’t have enormous gaps in it when a person was working in a different field, but if one was working at fast-food restaurants while getting that degree, then those jobs are best left off the list, especially if those positions are more than a decade old.
  • It’s a business resume, not a list of hobbies. This is something that standard resumes do include sometimes, but a business resume is a bit different, where hobbies and interests aren’t quite as relevant. Volunteer work might be of interest, but only if it somehow directly relates to the field.
  • Keep it to no more than two pages. This is true of just about any resume. The general formula is to keep a resume down to one page, but that isn’t a set rule. If a person does have relevant information in the business field that goes beyond a page, then two is fine, but avoid going longer than that!
  • Don’t write a single business resume. Even business has its own different fields of specialization. Some people are looking to work as managers while others might be looking to work in data analysis, but all of them are in the world of business, and none of them should be approached with a general resume.

It’s best to look at it this way: every field of business is different, so every field needs its own resume. Usually, people are qualified and looking to get into a few different fields of business, and so, they should have a few different resumes. Each one should suit the area of expertise they’re looking for.

This doesn’t mean that every job applied for requires a different resume, it just means that each field does! So, keep that in mind and create a few ones appropriate to those fields.

  • Consider having a professional do it. If the process is too difficult to manage on one’s own, don’t be too concerned. Not everyone in the world is a writer, and even a resume can seem like a herculean effort to some. If uncertain about a resume, have a professional look at it and get their input.

If a resume is going through a lot of revisions, but no headway seems to be made, then consider having a professional do it. There are professional resume-writing services available now that do business resumes.

In the end, a resume should have a bit of flair, a bit of personality, but still maintain that professional veneer. No matter the results, though, always show it to a few other people to weed out mistakes, bad grammar, and just get family and friend’s general opinion of it. That’s the best way to polish it up before you send it in!

Author: Editorial Team

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