Recent study reveals 58% of Brits are undergoing a social media detox

Almost one year on and a third lockdown in, it seems Brits are growing tired of TikTok challenges, memes and empty social interactions, with a recent survey conducted by online comparison service, revealing over half (58%) of the UK undergoing a social media detox. 

The descent of a global pandemic left us all wanting to keep connected whilst confined to our homes – inevitably turning to social trends and zoom calls in order to fill the ‘face time’ void. In order to best analyse UK audiences’ most recent attitudes toward social media,’s survey asked users about taking time off from social media and findings from their mobile phone screen reports.

Millennials are the most affected generation, with 43% of those who have deleted a social media app being aged between 25-44. Baby boomers follow in second place (21%), followed by Gen X (19%), leaving the youngest generation of Gen Zers as the least likely (18%) to give up social media.

With extra ‘free time’ on their hands, Brits have been re-assessing what their relationship with social media will look like in the longer term and 40% have admitted that they have deleted social media for good, deciding that they’d rather not return to social media at all. Half of those abstaining permanently are millennials. 

Looking at the difference between the sexes, women are more likely to take a less drastic approach than men. 55% of those taking an indefinite hiatus are men whereas a majority 57% of those taking shorter, week-long breaks from social media, are women.  

Asking users to share details from their screen reports, millennials once again win the top spot for the most ‘dependent’ on social media. Out of the 25-44 age group, 42% say social media is their most-used category, beating the younger generation (Gen Zers) by just 1%. Although men are undergoing the more drastic detoxes, of those with social media as their ‘most used’ app category, only ⅓ are male, pointing to a massive female majority.

Delving further into users’ screen reports, an outstanding 80% of those spending more than 8 hours a day on their phone are under the age of 44.

Breaking down how some of the top social media apps are used, TikTok continues being most popular among the under 24s group. Twice more likely to favour the video-sharing platform than millennials, Gen Zers make up for a ⅓ of the app’s most loyal users. 

Instagram keeps top spot for millennials, who make up for 50% Instagram’s most frequent users. Surprisingly, Facebook continues to occupy first place overall for the UK’s most used social media app. 

Author: Editorial Team

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