Santa gets the sack, as bespoke Christmas parties in the office on the rise

Equipment rental stats reveal demand for themed office parties are on the rise this Christmas

  • Most rented products include casino equipment for Bond themed events, alongside traditional dance floors and photo booths
  • 23% decrease in demand for Santa costume hires over the last year
  • Fizz back in fashion, champagne flute rental increases by up to 20% year-on-year as the drink of choice for 2018

New research on Christmas party season sees a surge in UK bosses renting party props and equipment, favouring dressing up the office rather than hosting at fancy venues. Topping the 2018 trends, see themed parties all the rage with casino equipment leading the way.


Across traditional party items, Rentuu has seen a year-on-year increase of up to 78% for the classic black and white chequerboard dancefloor. Another product in demand with over two-thirds (67%) increase in December orders, is portable photobooths. Especially in cities across UK including 11% increase in demand in London and a 24% increase in Manchester.


One person missing the party this year, is none other than Father Christmas. Rentuu reveals a year-on-year decrease of 23% Santa costume hires. Traditional Christmas celebrations are now a thing of the past as decoration sleigh and Christmas trees rentals also featuring in the top 5 products on the decline this year.


The top 5 most rented Christmas products this year:

  1. Dancefloors (78% increase)
  2. Photobooth (67% increase)
  3. Champagne flutes (20% increase)
  4. Christmas packages (17% increase)
  5. Casino equipment (7% increase)


The 5 Christmas products on the decline this year:

  1. Santa costume (23% decrease)
  2. Decoration sleigh (17% decrease)
  3. Portable bar (10% decrease)
  4. Christmas trees (9% decrease)
  5. Karaoke machines (7% decrease)


To help stressed out event planners survive Christmas, Rentuu has created bespoke party packages. The packages include all the essentials such as a Christmas tree, table, chairs, glassware, photobooth DJ booth and speakers. This year, Rentuu has seen a 17% increase in demand on last-year.


At the Christmas drinks table, the portable bar has seen a decline of 10% over the last year, while the champagne flute remains in high demand with up to 20% year-on-year increases. In particular the signature 7oz champagne saucer is by far the most popular drinking vessel, ordered in 78% of all Glassware packages.


Andrea Guzzoni, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Rentuu, said:

“Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for us, as we receive orders for products very early in the year to help businesses organise their Christmas parties. This year, we’ve seen a higher number of office event planners get in touch to try and create a bespoke events for their team with rentals such as dance floors, casino equipment and photo booths.”


“However, the Rentuu team will also be ready for the last-minute planners who will be hoping to make an impact with late rentals for the office parties. It’s one of the biggest events of the year, so we have to ensure we’re ready!”


Rentuu is committed to shifting behaviours to renting over buying, keeping costs low and helping the environment too.


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Author: Editorial Team

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