Sexism, ageism, lack of capital, investment bias

Launching a business still isn’t a level playing field in the UK according to recent data from a group of successful female entrepreneurs who have launched International Mid-life Women Day and annual Expo this October 21st to help, support and encourage budding female entrepreneurs over 40 across the UK.

Recent data highlights how many barriers women in mid-life have when launching a business in the UK with women over 40 having over a third (34%) less available capital, more than two-thirds find failure more difficult to overcome than their male counterparts and according to the Entrepreneur Network only 9% of the funding funnelled into UK start-ups goes to women-run businesses.

This date along with historic ageism and sexism is why less than half (46%) as many women are likely to start a business in mid-life compared to men. The figures show the huge mid-life gender divide as less than a 1 million women over 40 are now self-employed and millions have significantly smaller pensions and little control over their finances.

Next month is International Midlife Women Day and the team behind this important day have launched a new social movement, #newlifeatmidlife to inspire, support and empower women over 40. They are encouraging women throughout the world to support the movement and share their experiences of midlife and tag any inspirational women who have started a new life over the age of 40.

The initial concept came from Business Mentor, Moira Doherty (63) who is a huge campaigner for support and recognition of ‘Women in Mid-life’ and this has evolved into the creation of the international awareness day and Expo. As Moira explains: “These figures really highlight the huge gender gap and how little support there is for women who are over 40. For so many they feel that their role is wife, mother, daughter, sister, granny, carer rather than independent businesswoman. They don’t feel they have anything to contribute to society and this is why this movement is so important.”

Moira added, “Creating a modern cultural image for women in Mid-life is good for society, good for the economy and good for women of all ages.”

Moira has been an entrepreneur for many years, has been campaigning and supporting female entrepreneurs in their ‘mid-life’ to become successful businesswomen and gain financial freedom and security for their futures.  She is the founder of the WOWS Collective (Wonderful Older Women Succeeding) and is passionate about leaving a legacy that will support women to create the life they desire and one that makes them feel valued for years to come.

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Author: Editorial Team

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