Skills shortage ‘biggest challenge’ in 2017 as businesses admit to Brexit jitters

Guest blog by Nick Brown, group managing director at identity data intelligence company GBG,

New research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has revealed that two out of five firms will need to recruit more staff this year – however uncertainty over the UK’s future relationship with the European Union has shaken business confidence in the labour market.

Skills shortages are expected to be the biggest threat to company’s competitiveness in 2017, with over half of companies expressing concern about future access to skilled migrant workers.

What is worrying is that not enough is being done by the government to make it easier for businesses to access talent in the areas they need to recruit, and acquiring skilled overseas workers will prove ever-more challenging as the terms of Brexit are negotiated, and proposals are put in place to reduce immigration. Changes to regulation will be a cumbersome process for employers who are simply look to hire the best person for the job.

With the uncertainty around Brexit, and also with the deadline to meet the GDPR deadline fast approaching, now is not the time to introduce more hoops for businesses to jump through. In the digital world, processes should be simpler, but yet it would seem they are becoming more complex.

We need to be making talent acquisition easier, not harder, because hiring from an international talent pool has a significantly positive impact not only on an individual business but also the UK economy as a whole. Processes need to be put in place to make it easier, not harder to attract highly-skilled talent – no matter where in the world those people come from.

For businesses, accurate data, and using it intelligently, will prove to be invaluable in making proposed processes more seamless, and reducing errors. It’s about having the right information on employees to ensure the company is complying with regulation, whilst at the same time employing the right skill set to grow the business.



Author: Editorial Team

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