Technology named best sector for flexible working

Technology is the best sector for supporting flexible working among employees, according to a new study. The research from the Smarter Working Initiative found that 84 per cent of employees in the tech sector are offered flexible working, compared to the UK average of 65 per cent.


Three quarters (73%) of tech workers say their workplace actively encourages a smarter working culture, compared just half (52%) of UK employees. A huge majority (90%) of workers in the tech sector who are offered flexible working take it.



Tech workers spend 10 per cent more time each week working outside of an office than the average UK employee.


The majority (85%) of tech workers think they would be more productive if they could spend time working outside the office, with 83 per cent believing remote working would help them think more creatively or be more motivated.


The study found that employees in the tech industry have the best work-life balance across UK industries, being the most likely to feel they have enough time for hobbies and seeing friends and family during the working week.


The study found the charity sector is the worst for flexible working, with only 59 per cent of employees offered flexible working and only 46 per cent using it. Less than half (47%) of charity workers say that flexible working is encouraged at their workplace.


Jason Downes, Founder of the Smarter Working Initiative, commented:


“It’s fantastic to see so many companies in the technology sector are going beyond simply offering flexible working, and are instead proactively encouraging a culture change towards smarter working – helping improve productivity, creativity and morale.”

Author: Editorial Team

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