The 10 Most Common Project Management Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can be an extremely unnerving experience. More so when you do not quite understand what to expect. Include to this the chances that you likely won’t be the sole applicant and will likely be competing with other equally qualified applicants. This means you do not merely have to ensure you are prepared to ace the interview but must also find a way to stand out and make a lasting impression. It is for this reason that to meet your objectives, you need to focus on adequate preparation and frequent practice.

Start With Structure

As detailed in a comprehensive guide on preparing for the case interview by MyConsultingCoach, simply moving ahead with practice without proper preparation can result in you being completely unprepared. Being comprehensively prepared for any possibility begins by understanding what to expect. A smart preparation plan is one that allows you to draw up a guiding framework where the objectives can continuously be re-evaluated. This will enable you to objectively assess and readjust the plan to focus on the key areas of your knowledge and skills that still need attention.

Prepare For Every Possibility

Being prepared is key to developing your confidence. Ensuring you are properly prepared for every possibility is one of the most crucial steps to developing unshakeable confidence. With established confidence, you will be in a position to properly maintain your key focus and conduct yourself to your maximum potential. Your body language, voice control and the way in which you respond to the interview questions, all factor into the interview assessment process. 

Developing your skills are not the only key points to focus on during preparation. 

Knowing what interview questions could be asked provides the opportunity to consider and properly prepare and practice your response to any possible interview questions.. 

What Type Of Questions To Expect

Your interviewer will ask questions which will enable them to assess and confirm your level of firsthand experience. This process will also allow them to evaluate your notable achievements and carefully monitor your level of confidence. Remember, acknowledge the questions by telling a story. Answer with a specific example of accomplishment, this way, you are not merely confirming your practical experience and knowledge but drawing attention to your achievements. 

The questions below are only intended to support you with setting up a preparation plan. The list is prepared to provide to you an indication of the scope of the questions you might be presented with.

10 Questions that could come up during the interview include:

  1. How would you define your leadership style?
  2. How would describe your distinctive style of communication?
  3. How would you describe your problem-solving skills?
  4. How could you describe your time management skills?
  5. How would you assist your team to prioritize equally critical tasks when you hit a potential roadblock?
  6. Can you briefly describe the key outcome of your most recent completed project?
  7. What is your approach when it comes to projects not going to plan?
  8. Do you have experience in this industry?
  9. Which of your projects has been your most rewarding achievement?
  10. What experience have you had with Budget Management?

A valuable reminder: 

  • Take the time to think about and carefully consider the possible answers for each question and answer with a specific example of achievement. 
  • Practice responding to the questions, paying attention to the level and clarity of your voice. 
  • Pay attention to your body language, being approachable is extremely important. 
  • Your possible answers should be logical and concise. Limit the details you include to the specific question being asked. 
  • Your answer should reflect your personal strengths and make reference to past experience. It is significant your answers will align with the duties for the position you are pursuing. 
  • Be careful not to recite by heart the details on your job description but efficiently utilize the opportunity to showcase your skills.

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