The Benefits of Virtual Conferences

The entire world is walking on the path of becoming digitised, right from the way we interact with our friends and colleagues to how we play our favourite casino games. People no more flock the land-based casinos to have a go at their fav card game or table games. Instead, they can just log in to right from the living room of their home and play the games of their choice without even having to get up from the couch. This right here is the power of the virtual world.

The world of conferences is no exception, and many event organisers have been experimenting with innovative technologies to improve the conference experience. Meeting virtually is a great alternative when a face to face conference is not possible. Virtual conferencing utilises technology to deliver an immersive and engaging conference experience in an online environment, offering the same learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities as a traditional face-to-face conference. There are several benefits to hosting your conference online that you may not have considered:

They are cost-effective

Hosting your conference online removes costs associated with the venue, catering, travel and accommodation, as well as offering a potential reduction in AV costs.

There are no capacity constraints

Not bound by the physical limits of a venue, your virtual conference can accept any number of attendees and create space and opportunities for a larger number of exhibitors and sponsors. Virtual conferences have capacity constraints as users are immediately transported to the conference without having to physically travel there.

Reduced costs for delegates

The ability to connect online ensures that there is no need to drive and less time out of the office for the participants. This can result in increased admissions, combined with relatively lower ticket rates compared with a conventional meeting.

Provides Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual conferences are often shorter than a traditional conference with a reduced number of live sessions and offer attendees the flexibility to access pre-recorded content at their own pace, allowing attendees to more easily balance commitments such as work, study or child care.

Reduces Environmental Footprint

Travel for staff, speakers and delegates, food waste, single-use exhibition builds, freight, satchel inserts, hard-copy programs, name badges and lanyards add up quickly to leave a large environmental footprint at a traditional conference, none of which are needed when you meet online.


Digital conferencing allows engaging with geographically scattered delegates, many of whom would otherwise not be able to participate. Digital technology can improve accessibility and inclusivity through options such as translation or captioning.


Many virtual conference platforms provide advanced data collection and reporting, and can easily monitor the number of attendees in each session, monitor sponsor leads, and show who interacted with what content and for how long, often in real-time and potentially many more depending on your particular conference goals and delegates cohort.

Networking made easy

The online environment also allows delegates to use a few mouse clicks to communicate with speakers, exhibitors and other attendants. No more racing through packed exhibition halls only to miss the person you would like to see the most.

3D world technology offers an immersive solution

A conference organised in a 3D virtual environment can provide a truly immersive experience and represents the closest thing to recreating the traditional conference experience. 3D avatars and 3D VOIP technology allow attendees to interact with one another naturally, being able to talk, react and move around as they would in the physical world.


These virtual conferences could serve as a ground for testing. Although virtual and hybrid meetings have increased in popularity over the past few years, COVID-19 has left many organizations with no choice but to host them.  Although it may have happened sooner than you expected and you may think like you didn’t have enough time to build the perfect experience, celebrate it as a success and consider it an opportunity to try out new waters.

Author: Editorial Team

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