The best games to play in an office party

Offices are not known to be the most joyous places in the world. Many people hate their office, many of them compromise with it and some love their work but not the office. Whatever may be the case, continuous work and pressure may become really tiring and boring for any employee of an office. This is when every day starts to feel like months and every week feels like a year. You feel the desperate need to change your life walking into Mondays and working till Fridays. This is when an office party comes as a savior! 

Office parties are fun, not for the food or drinks but for how unconventional it feels to chill out with people who either talk to you about work or… more work. The best way to go unconventional within the premise of your office is by playing games at that party. Games help you socialize, mix-up and know the reality of your seniors, juniors and colleagues. Here are some of the best games you should consider playing when planning an office party. 

Office Bingo

We all have played the UK Bingo at some point in our life. Some might have played it with grandparents, some might have played it with their teenage friends, some might have played it online or some may have the habit of visiting a bingo hall after coming from the office. Did you know there is a special variant of this globally loved game that is designed to be played in offices? Yes, Office Bingo is just the perfect game to be played in an office. Create a bingo card with 25 squares and leave the center-square of the card vacant for now. Fill the center card with any kind of task or sentence that stays relevant to the office and ask the colleagues to finish a line. This way, you can make them build conversations or do weird tasks to win the game. 


This is really a mind-twisting game. And why just office, this game can be a super-hit anywhere it is played. The game has this one simple rule – the player should do exactly the opposite of what he/she is asked to do. Anyone whose brain messes up in handling such complex instructions or processes the instruction quickly is out of the game. The last man standing wins the game and can(by proof) be called an active brain. 

Office Photo Hunt

This game is like the combination of a detective and shopping. That is a strange combination, right. But that is why it is a game and not a profession. Anyways, the basics here are:

  • You prepare several lists of objects or places that exist within the premise of your office.
  • You form pairs of any two people from the several colleagues you have and hand them over one list each.
  • The job here is to find the place, click a photo and bring it to the game host. It is better to hand each of the pairs with a digital camera. 
  • Whatever you do, make sure you do that before anyone else. 

Guess Whose Job

Like all other places in the world, the office is also filled with people who have different characters and traits. This goofy game is all about telling stories about a person from the office that seems intriguing and uncanny. While one narrates the story, the other employees have to guess the job or the person. And yes, of course, have a laugh at it(sportingly).

Blind Artist

You may or may not have heard of this game. This game is not played only in offices or lobbies. Rather it is played at any place where you want to make people laugh and make the environment joyous.

Divide the players into pairs and blindfold one of them. Now hand over an image of any object to the non-blinded person and ask him to describe the picture in words without taking the actual name of the object. The blindfold needs to draw the image by listening to instructions and the one with the closest art wins the game. 

Author: Editorial Team

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