The English Game Season 2: Netflix

With almost all sports brought to a standstill in the entire world, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are surely missing a good game of football these days. And while we took on YouTube or other social media channels to remember old matches and legendary players and their goals, we still miss that tremendous action.

One way to look at it, through the coronavirus news, is watching the Netflix TV miniseries “The English Game”. With the first season already on air, having six episodes premiered entirely on March 20 this year, let’s see what it has to offer.

The British drama miniseries narrates the origins of modern football in England. It follows a story which is almost a century and a half old. James Walsh is the owner of Darwen Mill and the working-class team Darwen FC, in Northern England, near Blackburn. He wants to reinforce the team with two Scottish footballers, ahead of a FA Cup quarter-final, in the 1878-1879 season.

The two footballers are Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love. Suter is known as the world’s first professional football player, who played for Darwen and also Blackburn Rovers.

Their opponents are the Old Etonians, a team made of gentlemen from the upper middle class of London, from the Western part, which previously dominated the FA Cup. The match between the teams was followed by other games, with a lot of goals. We won’t give any spoilers, but the matches 141 years ago were legendary.

The story also pitches two players from those different social classes and follow their individual life, but also the way they leave a mark on the game: Fergus Suter, played by actor Kevin Guthrie, and Arthur Kinnaird, played by Edward Holcroft. Kinnaird was considered to be the first football star and was the FA president for 33 years. He played in nine FA Cup finals, and won five. His winning record stood still for more than a century, until was broken by Ashley Cole, in 2010, but the most appearances record is still going on for almost 140 years.

The miniseries has six episodes each of almost an hour long. The writer and producer is Julian Fellows, Academy Awards winner in 2002 for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, with “Gosford Park”. He also got a Primetime Emmy award in 2011 for the famous TV series “Downtown Abbey”, so that is a strong kick off for the English Game.

The miniseries gained a lot of fans, especially given that football is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom and in the world for that matter. For now, we don’t know for sure if the series will be continued with a second season or it will be dropped. Yet again, it is too soon to venture on that, so “The English Game” might as well go on depending on how it will later be received and on its success.

And while Netflix has yet to announce if the series will have a sequel, the things are still hot with the show, so the best guess for a possible second season would be a year from now. Some of the fans believe that the end of the first season hasn’t come to a decision, so more to think about a sequel.

Back in present day, English football is likely to start in June, as per the most recent announcements, but that is yet to be confirmed. But even though elite football (soccer) is now suspended, there are still interesting football games to bet on Unibet betting agency with great odds – Belarus and Nicaragua championships, with former Champions League challenger Bate Borisov on the table. There are also available games from South Korea and Turkmenistan to bet on.

Until then, “The English Game” and Unibet may offer the football action you want, waiting for all the football players to begin coming back on the pitch.

Author: Editorial Team

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