The importance of due diligence for employees

For the wellbeing of employees, an employer’s due diligence may not directly include business car services, but in fact personal business transport can play a crucial part in looking after the interests of staff.

The Health and Safety Executive, HSE, gives details of employers’ responsibilities toward their employees, and their duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people working for them.

They must assess workplace risks and take reasonable action to ensure they protect employees from potential hazards and accidents.

However, risks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they might not be confined to actual, visible physical hazards.

Flexible Working and Late Hours

Increasingly, employees work variable hours, or even remotely. In this new era of increased flexible working, some people choose to start, and finish, their days later.

Alternatively, they may work from home, and commute in at irregular times, as and when required.

Along with digital communications, reliable transport is a key aspect of supporting different and irregular working patterns.

Parking in busy town and city centres can be difficult, and public transport does not always present itself as either safe or reliable, outside core working hours.

Flexible working provides employees with the freedom to manage their workloads in ways that suits them best. To remove this simply isn’t an option to improve employee health and wellbeing.

Therefore, for the worker working late, it is important to consider what is the best means of them getting home safely?

The Duty of Care

If an employer is hoping to encourage employees to make the most of more flexible, agile working practices, should they not also support staff, where necessary, in commuting to and from work at odd hours?

Just as it is due diligence for an employer to make sure they have eliminated or minimised risks to health and safety, so it makes sense to do the same when it comes to employee travel out of hours.

A reliable, discreet and utterly professional business class transfer service offers absolute reliability in business travel, providing so much more than a comfortable ride.

It means a flexible workforce can have access to a means of personal transport that takes any doubt and delay out of their journey home.

The Additional Benefits of Employee Care

Along with ensuring employee safety, a dedicated business car service also sends out a powerful message about a company’s brand, and how it values its most valuable resource, its people.

This demonstration of brand values is both inwardly and outwardly facing.

Inwardly, it helps foster a positive, trusting workplace culture. Outwardly it demonstrates that culture to potential customers, stakeholders and investors.

Plus, using a dedicated business car service marks a significant advance on using a local taxi hire firm. It suggests a proper level of care and attention. As with so many things in business, while the big picture is important, the details are just as vital.

Quality Matters

Just as procuring any external service, whether equipment or people, means ensuring it will be the perfect fit for a business, so using a dedicated business car service makes perfect sense.

It offers added value to employees and mitigates external risks associated with out of hours working.

Overall, as an employer you have a duty of care to your employees and support them when and where necessary. If this includes taking care of their transportation to ensure their safety and wellbeing, then this must be done.

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Author: Editorial Team

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