The leading women spearheading the rise of professional coaching

Guest Blog By Amy Andrews, The PHA Group

In an increasingly complex and cut-throat business landscape, the need to stand out ahead of your competition has never been more crucial to the success of both an individual’s career and company futures, alike. Projecting confidence and being able to effectively lead teams to develop a support network has now become just as important as having acute industry knowledge.

 With the coaching industry estimated to be worthover $2billion globally, and 80% of people who have received coaching claiming to have more confidence in the workplace, coaching and training companies have undoubtedly carved out a prominent place in the business market.

Now that both employees and employers are realising the potential value of professional coaching, here are four of the leading women bringing coaching to the fore front, challenging how employees and companies approach training in the workplace to boost productivity.

Lucidity founded by Lucy Gower

Lucidity was founded in 2015 by Lucy Gower to help individuals and organisations to work more effectively. Lucy previously led the first innovation team at the NSPCC where she concentrated on training people to encourage their creativity and innovation to thrive. After leaving the NSPCC in 2012, Lucy worked with over 50 organisations to help them get better results, and from this, Lucidity was born.

One of the core aims at Lucidity is to develop employee’s personal ‘innovation styles’ – helping people to work in the most productive and forward-thinking way, specifically suited to their role, industry and skills remit. This not only works to make individuals more confident in their role, whilst gaining more satisfaction from their job, but also to increase efficiency in the work place.

She Worx founded by Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang is a US champion gymnast, a Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2018 inductee and the CEO and Founder of SheWorx. Having started her career as a hedge fund analyst, Lisa now works to support over 20,000 women to build and grow successful companies of their own, using her eclectic experiences as an elite gymnast and entrepreneur.

In a world where a movement like #MeToo has encouraged a social drive for gender equality, SheWorx concentrates on empowering and helping budding female entrepreneurs to stand out amongst their peers, providing them with necessary attributes to pursue professional success.

At the core of their mantra, SheWorx champions the importance of having an effective and supportive network to turn an idea into a reality, encouraging female entrepreneurs to create and sustain successful companies. Through providing access to top investors and mentors, to sourcing the best tech talent, SheWorx is spearheading the movement for gender parity in entrepreneurship, focusing on reducing the gap between female and male led ventures.

Thrive Partners co-founded by Pam Bateson

Pam Bateson is the CEO and co-founder of Thrive Partners which provides an invaluable platform for businesses looking to improve the way they work. As Pam’s third business, the serial entrepreneur set out to transform how businesses have conversations. With a place on the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, Pam is set to continue to make waves in the professional coaching sphere. 

Their manifesto leads with ‘Everyone has the right to thrive’. Thrive Partners works to help professionals grow and develop towards working their way up the corporate ladder to achieve their goals. Offering on demand one-to-one capsule coaching enables people to stay ahead of industry insights and issues, ensuring they are focusing on the right things – at the right times.

Through working to help everyday starters to get noticed, Thrive Partners ensures all individuals are equipped with the skills and confidence to make an impact at work, to achieve their full professional potential.

Decoded co-founded by Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons, MBE, is a British Tech entrepreneur and the co-founder and co-CEO of Decoded, a London based company working to increase digital literacy. Before promoting a digital drive with Decoded, Kathryn co-founded an advertising agency which concentrated on applying digital technology to branding.

At the core of Decoded is a belief that technology is for everyone. With the provision of high quality, readily available content for employees, employers and entrepreneurs, Decoded is making the associated benefits of coding and online programs widely available -working to once again level the playing field and help all individuals get hands on with new technologies. 

Author: Editorial Team

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