Top-8 Platforms For Freelance Developers To Find Customers On

Connecting with customers with confidence using the proper sites

Freelance platforms are one of the driving cogs in the workforce today, with more companies than ever before utilizing them to find professional workers for specific projects that do not need permanent employment. Through these sites, freelance developers can create profiles, share their work portfolio, and communicate directly with potential employers. These platforms contain a directory of freelancers matched based on skills, experience, and other variables specific to a project. There are a number of freelance platforms on the marketplace today that expertly connect customers with developers.  Before we get to naming the best freelance platforms we know, it’s important to understand that not all freelance marketplaces are the same. 

The major factors freelancers should take into account are the following:

Is a platform bidding or non-bidding? 

Bidding platforms are those that allow freelancers to set their bids on projects. Through bidding, even if a client has a fixed price for the job they want to be done, you still have the option to name your rate. It can be lower or higher, but the key thing is that other freelancers can place their own bids too. Thus, it’s a common thing on bidding marketplaces to see professionals compete with the prices, which is not always a good thing because it makes working for decent money more difficult. Why would clients pay you more if they can get the same service for less from people who are willing to work for a significantly lower fee?

Vetted or non-vetted

Vetted marketplaces are, in 99% of cases, non-bidding. Vetted marketplaces involve a series of tests to assess your skills, experience, and personality to ensure you are indeed a professional and can be trusted with important tasks. Such testing and the fact that they generally offer their clients market-average prices help freelancers make more money with less hassle.

Smart matching process 

Another thing usually more common among vetted freelance platforms. The platform staff will assess clients’ projects and pick the right freelancer for the job from their pool. This is generally a good thing for both clients and freelancers because they don’t have to guess one another’s’ expectations, and freelancers usually get the projects they’d be most effective at. Also, if you don’t like to go through the sales process and all that, matching eliminates the need to do that.

The following are the best platforms for freelance developers to find customers, and included are the details coinciding with each of them.


As one of the leading online freelance developer sites, Upwork is a major player in finding a professional solution for companies looking for talent. On the site, clients can search through thousands of developers that work across various niches, including web and app development, language programmers, software developers, transcribers, and more. Jobs are posted stating the details of the project, the fixed or hourly rate, and any other pertinent information so that freelancers that apply know what they can expect. 


Initially known for the online space to review companies, Glassdoor is now a significant site for professional freelancers and clients to connect through posted job ads. Employers can sift through profiles to find the best candidate for the project. 

Zip Recruiter

This is a freelance platform preferred by many clients as it smoothly functions as a job board that allows clients to reach a wider audience. Since Zip Recruiter networks with other platforms, visibility of each post is elevated, increasing the likelihood that the best developer can be found. 


Every day, millions of job postings can be seen through Indeed, a popular online platform that pairs recruiters with freelance professionals. The site makes it easy to communicate with a prospective client and freelancer. 


Known for bringing together some of the best and brightest across a multitude of fields, LinkedIn is one of the most respected platforms connecting employers with freelance professionals. Similar to other sites, ads can be posted indicating the project and job description. The interactive element ensures that top tier talents have access to a large number of posts according to their skills and talents. 


As a worldwide platform, Guru provides employers access to a curated list of talented freelancers for a minimal cost. The site is a great opportunity for freelance professionals to display and market their portfolios, plus it includes an additional layer by allowing freelancers to search based on location, rate, specialities, feedback, and more. 


By breaking down projects on their site into chunks, Fiverr allows freelancers to introduce themselves, their services, and even an introduction video as an easy ways to make money online. Companies searching through their talent pool can go directly to a specific category for a streamlined list of candidates.

Boasting premium technical talent with world-class expertise, allows rapidly expanding companies to build custom engineering teams. The platform includes an impressive network of independent developers who have worked in every engineering industry sector.


With more businesses seeking solutions through these platforms, the industry is only expected to expand in the years to come. If you are a beginner, bidding non-vetted marketplaces are the go-to place try Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. If you’re more experienced, choose vetted non-bidding marketplaces. The best thing is to choose the specialized freelance platforms that work with one industry. For example, if you’re a designer, try Konsus, if you’re a developer,,, or Arc as they are among the best choices. Writers should check out Clearvoice. Freelance developers can effectively use these sites to establish trusted relationships with professional clients.

Author: Editorial Team

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