Top Career Options in Casinos

Casino jobs are eagerly sought out all around the world as they are some of the best paying jobs available. The top working conditions and the benefits associated with these jobs make them attractive. Are you looking to start a career in casinos? Here are our top picks which youcan consider in 2019.

Casino Host

They can be considered in the hospitality department. They need to be attractive and their main job is to coax the whales in spending more money in the casino. Their clients usually belong from the A list names. Their job is to do the work of a sales person, best friend and hotel concierge at the same time. Moreover, they have to satisfy every customer need and pamper them with awesome offers and promotions.

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They are also responsible for restaurant treservations, arranging food and providing special private rooms to the hosts.

Gaming Surveillance officers

The job of a surveillance officer is to have avirtual presence in the casino. They are more than security guards and patrols the casino floors electronically through AV equipment and observation rooms.

They have to rarely get out of their seats to patrol the casino floors and have to work for long hours. This is considered as an entry-level position.

Gaming dealers

The job of a gaming dealer includes paying or collection chips from players, comparing hands with the players and operating the games by dealing the right cards. He has to have a sound knowledge about the game that he is operating.

They make up the bulk of the total employees working in a particular casino.

Slot technicians

Their duty is to maintain and repair various gambling equipment like slot machines. Repairing the machines and testing them falls under their job role. Their jobs can be a little bit challenging as they have to repair or test machines on a busy casino floor.

Casino managers

Their job is to provide constant leadership to the employees and manage the scheduling as well as payrolls. They manage agroup of people for a particular task and have to manage customer happiness as well as casino profits.

They are normally amateur accountants and need to have some knowledge about marketing or human resources.


They have to have a degree from a bartending school and has to know prior knowledge about the state liquor laws. Every casino offers alcoholic drinks and beverages so, having experience in bartending can be helpful.

Pit boss

Pit bosses are the managers of the casinos whose job is to supervise various sections of the casino. Every pit or section has its own flow of security procedures and cash flows. He or she is assigned to manage the gaming operation of that area and report directly to the management of the casino.

The pit boss can be an ex-security guard or dealer of the casino who is in charge of supervising all the floor employees.


The job of an accountant is to check that all the money columns add up properly. They have to produce monthly as well as daily reports of the casino and determine whether the casino is gaining or losing money. They have to hold a bachelor’s degree as well as experience in a big company.

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