Top six indicators used by the experienced traders

Indicators play an important role in identifying the trend of the market which is very important to trade properly. Different types of indicators are necessary for different types of situations. So, the traders have to know the use of the indicators properly. This also helps to determine the data. People choose indicators based on their own preferences and comfort zone. But, for technical analysis, the investors should know about the pros and cons of some major indicators. These are being discussed here.

Moving Averages

The moving average is one of the significant tools which identify the breaks in the value actions and also helps to identify the common direction of the Forex market. They take the shape of a line worn on a chart, which is used to find out the average price of a currency pair within a fixed set amount of time, for example, 14 days or 200 days. This proffers the investors a glance at the common trend of the trading instruments but, it should be remembered that these indicators within a shorter period of time will have a quicker reaction to value changes that occur in the business field. This is one of the most stable technical tools and more beneficial to the position investors who trade in a longer time frame. The disadvantage of this tool is that this is based on historical data and the short-term traders struggle a lot to use this properly.

Forex Oscillators

Forex oscillators stipulate the time when the market comes to a limit, and a contrasting alteration of the present trend becomes the probable result. For example, when a value rises too much, analysts mention that it is overbought, which refers that the value will stay firm or a little bit down as investors work to develop their returns. When a negative alteration occurs, new investors enter the market, increasing the value. An oversold market causes a positive alteration. Typically, it’s good to purchase oversold and sell overbought currency pairs. The indicators can also identify the break in the value movement. This also helps to identify the trend, help the investors to grab the opportunity to make large profits. But the oscillators can provide a false signal, so people should be aware of this.


Stochastics helps to identify the area of excessive bought and excessive sold positions. This also identifies price reversals. This is mostly preferred by the investors because of its’ accuracy. There are several versions of this technical tool but slow stochastics has been mostly used. This is easy to use so, the fresher prefers this most. This also enables investors to grab several benefits from the Forex market. But, sometimes, this also provides wrong signals which can distract the traders. Try to look for the call option when the stochastic reading is below 20 and look for put option when the signal line is above 80.  But try to use the best option trading platform UK so that you get real time data in the chart.

Fibonacci Retracement Lines

This technical tool finds out the support and resistance level. The indicators help to calculate the risk to reward ratio. Many traders have been used for a long time. This is not developed based on mathematical theory. Fibonacci Retracement lines have been developed depending on some general ratios monitored in the world.

Bollinger Band

Bollinger band mainly represent the visual image of the volatility of the market. Investors prefer to use this to regulate the business properly. But, this does not allow the investors to grab the early benefits. When the Bollinger bands are paired with other indicators, this gives better performance.

Relative Strength Index

RSI is also used to find the area of the overbought and oversold position. This is advantageous for the businessmen who tend to purchase low and sell high. Fresher likes to use it as it is user-friendly. But this is not reliable as this can provide wrong signals.

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