Turn working from home into working from holiday

Official government figures show exclusive remote working hit a high of 38% in mid-June and rose from 21% to 24%* in the week that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson encouraged us all to once again work from home (22nd September), after telling us it was safe to go back to our offices. To say the advice on where to work from has been a minefield is an understatement but it seems that it’s back to WFH we go, potentially till March 2021!

For those that are fed up of the same four walls they’ve been staring at for the last 7 months and can do everything in their job from anywhere as long as they have a laptop, a work-staycation could be just the solution and global travel brand Love Home Swap has been encouraging it’s staff members to do just that since lockdown. Not only is it a kind and thoughtful offering for a business to allow but it has seen success as well as financial benefits enabling colleagues to work remotely from the likes of Tenerife, Croatia and Wales. 

Celia Pronto, MD of Love Home Swap comments of the new work-staycation initiative, “The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of businesses having to adapt to more flexible working styles, as the vast majority of us have had to continue our jobs working from home. This got us thinking – you really don’t have to be in an office to do your job well, so why not make the most of this strange time we find ourselves in and explore Britain and beyond without having to take holiday days.

We’ve been letting our members of staff work from their family homes abroad to spend more time with their loved ones or tag days/weeks onto their holidays which has worked really well for us, and via home swapping we can really see others being able to use this opportunity to work and see more of the world at the same time.”

Dimple Gurnani, a staff member at Love Home Swap says: “Just before the pandemic I was working in London and then suddenly lockdown came and I was allowed to go back to my homeland, Tenerife, to work. I’ve enjoyed spending quality time with my family and friends, and having long walks around the town. It’s really like having the best of both worlds. From 9 to 6, I’m “virtually” in London, but for the rest of the time, I’m having tortillas with my best friend in that old cafe that never disappeared. In the middle of all this chaos and global crisis I never thought this would turn out this way and that I’d be back to hug all of my loved ones. I feel so grateful for Love Home Swap’s flexibility and understanding and think that more people should take a work-staycation.”

Author: Editorial Team

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