UK Comes Nineteenth as Malta Tops the Search for the Europe’s Most Curious Nation

The UK has ranked 19th out of 28 countries in Europe when it comes to curiosity. According to a recent study, put together by office stationery suppliers Viking, Malta has been ranked as Europe’s most curious country, with the UK’s closest neighbours, Republic of Ireland, coming joint second.  

The research used a set of ranking factors to create a ‘Curiosity Index’. The ‘Curiosity Factors’ used to complete the research were: 

·         Wikipedia page views per month per internet user 

·         Active users on language-learning site Duolingo per 1,000 internet users 

·         Percentage of internet users accessing news or books 

·         Number of library loans per year per capita 

·         Number of Erasmus students per 1,000 students 

·         Annual hours spent in vocational training at work 


Malta is leading the way when it comes curiosity owing to the number of Erasmus students from the country, 59 per 1,000 students, and the number of active users on language-learning site Duolingo, 147 per 1,000 internet users. 

The United Kingdom’s position in 19th resulted from the fact that the UK was only in the top ten in one of the five categories; the number of monthly Wikipedia page views per user. 

The UK came bottom of the ranking when it comes to the number of Erasmus students per 1,000 students, with 7, and didn’t perform highly when it comes to using the internet for reading news. Overall, the United Kingdom was rated below-average in four out of the six categories, with neighbouring Republic of Ireland ranking above-average in five and coming second overall. 

Author: Editorial Team

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