UK Millennials Want to Banish Borders Completely

  • 77% of the Millennial generation say we’d be better off without borders
  • More freedom, and increased diversity amongst the most popular reasons why
  • 90% of 24-35s hoping to be own boss
  • The digital nomad generation is saying goodbye to office working

New research by mobile current account Monese has revealed young people in the UK are calling for country borders to be banished, with 77% of those aged 24-35 believing we’d benefit from their removal. Keen to enable more freedom of movement and increased diversity, over a third (37%) of UK millennials say the removal of borders would improve work opportunities, whilst 36% say it would make for a more culturally aware workforce.

This demonstrates a generational shift in attitude, as only 41% of 45-54 year olds in the UK would opt for the removal of borders, whilst even fewer (36%) of those aged 55 and above agree.

By banishing borders, young people in the UK are hoping to transform traditional work life, in order to live with more freedom. A considerable 85% say they have considered developing transferable skills to enable them to work anytime, anywhere – in a bid to escape the 9-5 office routine. Additionally, 81% would travel up to 4,000 miles to take up a post in North America – with the promise of an improved salary enough of a draw for 42% of the young Brits polled.

The vast majority (90%) of the generation would also like to be their own boss, with 71% aiming to manage themselves within the next 5 years. This further proves the drive amongst the millennial generation, as only 37% of over-55s share the same ambition, and only 56% of those aged 45-55.

Norris Koppel is the CEO and Founder of Monese, he says:

“What the research shows is a real need and want for freedom amongst young Brits. With modern day advances in technology – there is no longer a need for working life to involve being present in one place, town, or even country. Young people want to be able to travel, see the world and live independently of geographical restraints – whilst still developing as a professional and offering their brilliant expertise to businesses across the world. The ‘digital nomad’ generation is very much the future for business – companies would be well advised to be as embracing and hospitable as possible to attract the best talent!”

The independence and ambition of this generation is evident, with emerging digital industries providing young Brits with the work-life they desire – over a third (37%) would like to work with Virtual Reality or Cyber Security.

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Author: editorialassistant

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