UK organisations sticking to ‘traditional’ forms of training

UK organisations are currently prioritising ‘traditional’ forms of training whilst online courses and knowledge sharing are failing behind, according to the new IDC survey of over 1,900 HR, IT and line of business managers.



The IDC and Cornerstone study shows that UK organisations are prioritising trainee programmes (38 percent) and coaching (35 percent). Whereas online courses (32%), onboarding programmes (27%) and knowledge sharing (29%) are a low priority for organisations. In the “Building a Culture of Innovation in the Age of Digital Transformation” whitepaper IDC states, “In times of change and with innovation requirements across all industries, the priorities and investments in development schemes must be aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation.”


In the current skills economy, employers can no longer afford to stick to traditional methods of training. Recent research found that two out of three UK workers have changed job because of a lack of training. Currently, trainee programmes, on-the-job training as well as coaching and mentoring came up as the top three most important employee development practices for British companies but with technology changing so rapidly, modern training practices need to be a top priority for UK businesses.


James Wilson, Vice President of Sales EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand said:


“By not prioritising new forms of corporate learning, organisations are stagnating their development and growth. Innovation happens when people are curious and are pushed to think differently. By training employees in the same way we always have, boundaries are not being pushed and new skills aren’t being developed. Moreover, knowledge sharing and user generated learning content is a highly effective training practice, yet it’s low on the priority list. US statistics point to a 17-year high when it comes to job quitters and with increasing movement in the job market in the UK, for every lost employee knowledge becomes lost. A double blow for organisations.”


This is the third year Cornerstone OnDemand and IDC have conducted a major European study, with this year’s study being the largest of its kind.

Author: Editorial Team

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