UK workers lose 86 working minutes a day due to lost internet connectivity

One in eight workplaces lose internet connectivity at least once a day, according to new research by fibre broadband specialists Glide.

The research, of 1,000 UK office workers, found that businesses across the country struggle with poor internet connectivity, with one in 20 (5%) of businesses’ internet going down multiple times a day and one in eight (12%) losing connectivity at least once a day.

When asked on average how long its takes before it reconnected, the average time was 107 minutes – meaning UK businesses are losing millions of working hours a year. Workers estimated they lost 86 minutes each day due to the internet going down – meaning that in 2019, 374 working hours will be lost waiting to reconnect.

Glasgow was the city with the worst internet connectivity, with over a quarter (26%) of workers claiming their business internet goes down at least once a day.

The top five cities where businesses’ internet goes down at least once a day are:

  1. Glasgow (26%)
  2. Bristol (20%)
  3. Southampton (18%)
  4. London (14%)
  5. Cardiff (13%)

Unsurprisingly, IT workers were the least affected by internet loss, with 40% claiming their businesses’ internet never loses connectivity, closely followed by HR and recruitment (38%) and self employed workers (36%).

Legal workers were the most impacted, with one in seven (14%) of workers claiming they lost internet connectivity multiple times a day. Overall, just 30% of workers claim their business internet never loses internet connectivity.

Ben King, CTO at Glide said:

“It’s shocking to see just how many hours a year workers are losing due to the internet being down. With millions of offices across the country dependent on an internet connection to run, it really is worth investing in a fast, reliable and assured network to support your business needs.

“We have invested millions into supporting out of city companies and industrial parks, to ensure they have access to our ultrafast and superfast broadband solutions, which is capable of delivering speeds of up to 10 gbit/s.”

To find out if your business is covered by Glide’s ultrafast business broadband, visit:

Author: Editorial Team

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