Walk your way to happiness

According to a recent survey London Executive Offices (LEO) commissioned in conjunction with YouGov , workers who incorporate walking into their daily commute are happier than those travelling by public transport.


Hot on the heels of Walk to Work Day on 6 April, our survey has found that Londoners who include a brisk walk in their journey to work are more likely to say that their commute provides them with a better work life balance, than those using public transport.



Aside from the cost saving possibilities and health benefits, the survey shows that walkers are happier, with 83 per cent saying that their commute is acceptable based on journey length and comfort – on average, 10 per cent more than commuters using public transport. This optimism continues in the office, with 63 per cent of walkers agreeing that their commute does not impact on their productivity at work.


LEO’s premium portfolio of offices are based in key locations across the city, which are not only well-placed to benefit customer’s business objectives, but are also conducive to a happier workforce, with 52 per cent of those commuting to The City incorporating happier walking habits into their daily commute.


There are many travel options for getting to work, this survey has highlighted the benefits to London commuters of incorporating walking into your commute and using this time to get a better work life balance.


Walking can be more flexible than other means of getting from A to B, giving you the headspace and time to sort out social plans and work so you arrive in the office in a more productive mood. Whether you live close to your office, or further away, hopefully you will be inspired to consider walking to work this Walk to Work Day.


Walkers are also sociable, with nearly three quarters of walkers agreeing that there is an enjoyable social element to working in an office, rather than from home, and almost half choosing to use their time commuting to talk on the phone or send messages.



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