What college degree to choose to work in HR

Every job position has a specific set of requirements because roles vary from position to position. As a Human Resource (HR) manager, you’ll be responsible for overlooking the administrative functions of an organization. You don’t necessarily need a degree to be an HR manager, but getting one gives you a competitive edge. Seeing as the job market is so saturated, you need an educational background to secure a position in most companies.

As an HR manager, you’ll be occupying a knowledge-based position. Employees will look up to you to make tough decisions. Every organization is looking for a candidate whose leadership qualities. You also need to be qualified and prepared for the position. This means experience puts you in a position to deal with complex situations.

You should ensure you excel in your academics, so you don’t limit yourself once you graduate. Academic excellence goes a long way in helping you secure a well-paying job. That is why you should take your psychology dissertation seriously. Online writing services like ensure that you maintain an above-average performance even when you’re slammed with work.


Earning your Bachelor’s Degree

The departments of business or management are the ones responsible for overlooking students pursuing degrees in human resources management. You can pursue a Bachelor of Science or business in Human Resources. Pursuing one of these courses will ensure you learn about employment law, labor management, and employee development.

The courses also expose you to knowledge pertaining to information technology, statistics, and accounting. As you proceed with your education, ensure you look for an internship because these give you real-life experiences. The more experience you get as you pursue the course, the better for you because you’ll graduate with real-life experience.

Why you Need Work Experience

As a graduate, you are viable for entry-level positions like HR specialist or HR assistant. You’ll assist the HR department in tracking employee performance, keeping employee records, and ensuring every employee receives their benefits and compensation. You might also be tasked to help with employee orientation and training.

Experience allows you to climb up the ladder and boost your earning. To be an HR manager, you need close to 5 years of experience in this field. Experience helps you establish leadership skills, which are crucial for this position. You cannot perform as an HR manager if you don’t know how to exercise authority.

The longer you work in the HR department, the better you get at observing labor laws. No company wants to hire an HR manager who doesn’t understand employee laws. You’ll need to be good at taking care of employees’ welfare.

How to get Certification

To practice as an HR manager, you’ll need certification. Many employees require candidates applying for the position to have certification. As a certified employee benefits specialist or a certified professional of human resources, you increase your chances of securing a job.

To be awarded certification, you’ll need to take an exam that tests your knowledge on five main areas. These include business management, employee and labor relations, as well as talent in planning and acquisition.

Before you can sit for the certification exams, you’ve got to have at least four years of experience in this field. As you apply for the HR position, ensure you include all your qualifications. You should be in a position to demonstrate that you have exceptional leadership skills, interpersonal capabilities, and the right educational qualifications.


If you want to be an HR manager someday, you should begin by performing excellently in college. Once you get the knowledge and training, you can then work on acquiring experience.

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