What UK Employees Really Want: Meaningful Work Experiences

When thinking about their ideal role, UK workers cite doing a great job and enjoying their work as important factors. Yet workplace practices and inefficient processes are frustrating workers, taking time, energy and focus away from the work they enjoy the most. That’s according to new research from ServiceNow, the company that makes work, work better for people, which finds UK businesses risk losing over two-thirds (71%) of their employees to other firms unless they rethink the way people work and foster a more accommodating work environment. The independent research, carried out with 2,000 UK-based workers, reveals that, over the last 12 months, job satisfaction has plummeted for 30% of UK workers. 

The top three aspects of work that contribute to making their role meaningful are clear: being part of a team (43%), learning new skills to advance their career (42%), and having their contribution to the business recognised by colleagues and managers (39%). 

Unfortunately, UK businesses are not presenting UK workers with these meaningful experiences. Only 28% of UK workers feel part of a team, only 18% believe their contribution is recognised by the business, and a mere 17% believe they have the opportunity to progress in their career.

UK workers are also frustrated at the number of redundant menial tasks they encounter at work. When asked about simple, essential and everyday tasks that span the IT, HR, finance and operations functions, those that found these ‘easy’ to do were only: 

  • Ordering new hardware/equipment: 39%
  • The onboarding process: 40%
  • Signing a contract: 48%

“Our latest research shows UK employees seek more meaningful work experiences. They aren’t afraid of hard work or being challenged, and are driven by a collective sense of purpose to deliver real value. The problem is that workers are spending too much time navigating administrative hurdles and this is having a knock-on effect on productivity, satisfaction and advocacy,” comments Jordi Ferrer, Vice President and General Manager for UK and Ireland at ServiceNow.

“By streamlining standard tasks and digitising workflows, UK businesses can change the status quo and make work more meaningful and rewarding. In doing so, they will be ideally placed to attract the best talent, create a highly-productive workforce of motivated advocates, and compete effectively in their market,” adds Jordi Ferrer.

Author: Editorial Team

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