What we can learn from the HR of the most successful companies in the world

An effective human resource system is integral to any company’s success, but running a successful HR department can be difficult business. Many of the world’s most successful brands have unique and inspiring approaches to HR which we can learn from to improve how we run our own departments.

Facebook’s HR initiative is headed by Lori Goler. The company’s unprecedented success has meant that they have long been a talking point when it comes to how policy and strategy behind the scenes can help a business’ success. Their employee-focussed approach and attitude for constant innovation has led to them running an incredibly successful HR department,which in turn allows them to enjoy success as a business as a whole.

Company: Facebook

Lead HR member: Lori Goler

Tips for success:

Be mission focussed

Build a sense of community

Understand employees

Support life outside work

Delta Airlines are another hugely successful global brand.Their lead human resource manager Joanne Smith places emphasis on employee empowerment as well as stressing the importance of efficient strategy. Part of this involves staying up-to-date with the latest technology which is reflected in the recent revelation of their plans to implement a complete update of their HR technology. Smith reiterated this by stating that “continuous improvement is in our DNA”.

Company: Delta Airlines

Lead HR member: Joanne Smith

Tips for success:

Support your employees

Empower people

Be strategic

Implement new technology

Starbucks have witnessed success that most brands only dream of, but it wouldn’t have been possible without a solid team of HR employees.Lucy Lee Helm currently heads the coffee giant’s HR operations and has used her passion for the individual to generate a positive staff spirit. All employees are referred to as partners to promote a sense of equality throughout the corporation and motivate effective work.  

Company: Starbucks

Lead HR member: Lucy Lee Helm

Tips for success:

Treat employees as equals

Invest in the individual

Be passionate

When it comes to successful brands in the 21st century, Google are up there with the best. Which is why people are often desperate to know how things work behind the scenes at Google HQ. And as an integral part of any company, the HR department is a great place to look for tips.

As a tech-based company they have an eye for innovation which they apply to all aspects of their business. Staying up-to-date with the latest HR technology allows tasks to be streamlined and time to be optimised. By reducing time spent on tasks which can easily be undertaken by an AI system,this frees up more time for HR employees to spend recruiting the perfect candidates for vacant roles and ensuring the happiness of current team members.

Company: Google

Lead HR member: Eileen Naughton

Tips for success:

Be hands on

Focus on the details

Capitalise on new technology

Focus on the future

Take time to recruit the right people

Johnson & Johnson have dominated the pharmaceutical industry for years. Their longevity and success in the industry has taught them a great deal about how to run a successful business. The company’s HR is led by Doctor Peter Fasolo, an expert in psychology with a Ph.D in Organizational Behaviour. This in-depth understanding of the psychology of employees allows the business to fully recognise and address the needs of staff, which in-turn encourages good work.

Company: Johnson & Johnson

Lead HR member: Dr. Peter Fasolo

Tips for success:

Prioritise and value diversity

Keep the employees at the heart and soul of your work

Help employees across their whole lives

Have a forward-thinking approach

Provide equal opportunities 

Author: Editorial Team

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