What’s your Small Business Lockdown Plan?

No one had expected the planet to be hit by such a threat to the survival of humankind even in the worst of one’s nightmares. We spoke and discussed at length about the ill-effects of global warming and climate change, and how they could obliterate the entirety of life in a few years. But, being hit by a wave of a pandemic of such scale was not something that we had predicted. However, to the worst of our predictions, the existence of humankind seems to be at stake.

The SARS-CoV-2 is a mutated strain of the Coronavirus that affects the lungs of human beings and compromises the breathing mechanism of them in the most severe cases. Millions around the world are being affected by the Novel Coronavirus, and thousands have lost their lives already. What seems to be the only way to fight this pandemic and flatten the curve is a prolonged and indefinite lockdown plan, so that people do not come in contact with each other unless absolutely required, and control the spread of the virus until a permanent solution to abate the crisis can be found.

Now speaking of the lockdown and measures of social distancing, the process has its own disadvantages. The economy is tanking and putting numerous small-scale organisations out of business. Therefore, the question begs-what is it that small businesses that cannot absorb this massive financial shock, should do to stay afloat. To answer the same question, we have come up with a few solutions that could come handy in the longer term. If you (or someone you know) have a small scale business organisation to run, you could resort to the following measures to make your way through the crisis.

Use the Power of Social Media:

There probably shall not come a time when social media would serve to be this important in tending to your well-being. More than half of the world has social media accounts, and you must use this platform to spread the word and take your business out to them. Also, while you do so, make sure that you appeal to the human sentiment of your target audience. Everyone is going through gruelling and harrowing times. Therefore, you must see to it that you bond over with your customers in a way that they can connect the most. This could put you back in the game and help you make enough money to keep you afloat.

Show Support and Be a Part of Local Businesses:

Everyone needs help in some or the other shape and form in such times. Make sure that you are doing your bit to show your support to other smaller businesses too. This will not only put you in a good light and help you acquire more clients, but also help the other small-scale businesses that are trying to fight this financial crunch. Also, you could collaborate them and make the most out of this partnership. Always remember that together you are much stronger and capable of doing what you could not have done alone. So why not seize the opportunity?

Redesign Your Website:

A good website layout and design always appeal to the senses of people. Give your website a refreshing look and feel, and see how they bring in more traffic. And more traffic means, more conversions. They work hand-in-hand. Seek help from professionals like business plan writers UK who could guide you through the entire process of planning and creating content for your business plan. You will always need help, and the more time you invest in bettering your website, the higher benefits will you reap. At times as such, the only way to further your business is by gaining more control and momentum over your online presence. Therefore, get going!


It is okay to feel like a fish out of water. It is even okay to feel helpless. But it is not okay to give up hope. No phase can last forever, and if you can somehow manage to hold on to hope and get through this in any way you can, things will definitely turn out to be better in a post-pandemic world. Hang in there and make use of these tips to keep your business going. This too, shall pass!

Author: Editorial Team

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