Where are all the female inventors?

Look around you. You are surrounded by an abundance of things – technology, gadgets, infrastructure, tools; the list goes on. Everything you look at has been invented by someone at some point.

Most of us have heard of famous inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell and Benjamin Franklin but what about Grace Hopper and Stephanie Kwolek – Hopper invented computer programming and Kwolek invented a material called Kevlar, which is five times stronger than steel and is currently used to protect people from the likes of bullets.

We are constantly seeing new inventions, but do we ever really know who has created these new products? For example, we know who is behind the works of Amazon – Jeff Bezos. We also know who is behind the brains at Tesla – Elon Musk. But, none of these inventors seem to be female.

Using the latest OECD Gender Initiative Report to reveal the ratio of male and female inventors in countries around the world, RS Components has created a GIF which highlights the ratio in which inventors are female, in comparison to male and how it differs in countries around the world.

The research revealed that Latvia takes the reins and that 26.5% of its inventors are in fact female. Closely behind them is Portugal, with 19.9% of its inventors being female and leading the way in innovative ideas.

15.7% of inventors are female in Spain which has increased by over 4% in the past 16 years – as much as this is small progress for women, it is still a gradual growth which shows us that women are bridging the gap.  

There are two entries from countries outside of Europe -Australia (10.4%) and the US (10.4%). With more than 1 in 10 of their inventors being female, this is evidence that females are stepping up to the demand for more entrepreneurs and inventors.

The UK is actually flagging in regard to female inventors – less than 1 in 10 (9%) women are inventors and this is closely followed by Ireland with 8.5%. Not only does this bring the overall percentage down for Europe as a whole, but we also need to start increasing the number of female inventors to compete with other think-tank countries such as the United States of America and Australia.

There are many women around the world that have imagined, developed tested, and honed in on their creations – think about great inventions like life rafts, rocket fuel and of course the film Hidden Figures which shows three females as the brains behind the operations for the launch and mathematics of the first rocket.

There are many females that have broke boundaries,explored depths of creativity and taken the reins and invented some amazing things. It is important for females to continue doing this and empowering one another so that we continue to raise the bar and overall percentages of female inventors around the world.

Take a look at RS Components’ campaign here which highlights all the female inventors around the world and how countries compare.

Author: Editorial Team

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