Where are all the jobs? The cities and sectors hiding half a million open roles

There are over 550,000 job opportunities across the UK right now. Manchester has the highest number of job vacancies outside London, while Bradford has the lowest, according to the latest research from the job search website Adzuna.co.uk. 

With unemployment expected to grow and more than 9 million UK workers expected to be furloughed under the government’s new retention scheme in the coming weeks, Adzuna have analysed the opportunities still available across the UK this week.

The top job sectors in demand nationally are Healthcare and nursing, IT and teaching jobs. London unsurprisingly has the most job opportunities across the UK but the volume is balanced by a growing population of 8.9 million. Despite significant reductions in hospitality and travel jobs, the capital still sees demand for IT, accounting and teaching jobs.

Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, and Leeds round up the top 5.  While Manchester follows a similar pattern to London, Bristol is awash with Engineering jobs (1,224 jobs) and healthcare and nursing jobs (952 jobs).

Rank City Number of vacancies Salaries
1 London 117,207 £42,158
2 Manchester 16,237 £35,057
3 Bristol 9,925 £35,745
4 Birmingham 8,893 £35,492
5 Leeds 4,987 £32,179
6 Glasgow 4,422 £36,774
7 Nottingham 4,342 £32,974
8 Liverpool 3,963 £32,309
9 Cambridge 3,841 £35,482
10 Sheffield 3,527 £33,154

Birmingham is open to 1,163 healthcare positions and shows there is still demand for IT and tech jobs with 1,013 jobs in this industry. Leeds, which saw the highest level of private sector growth last year, sees strong demand for accounting and finance jobs, as companies look for their expertise to guide them through the financial pitfalls of a possible recession. Teaching jobs are also in high demand in Leeds (971), as demand for tutors increases amid school closures.

Despite a 35% reduction in the number of open vacancies over the past seven weeks in the UK, there has been a 22% increase in job seekers searching for ‘jobs near me’ in the last month as social distancing continues to take hold. The UK has seen and job openings with SMEs and country-wide interest surge as the UK mobilises to contain the virus.

Considered to be the backbone of the UK economy, here is a list of top SME’s still hiring:

Company City No of roles Positions
BenevolentAI  London 20+ Software Engineer, People Partner, Machine Learning Engineer, Visual Designer and more
Burtons Biscuits Blackpool, Llantarnam & Edinburgh 19+ Engineering, Packaging, NPD, Operations, Machine Operators, Process Operators
TrueLayer London 50+ IT, Engineering, PR, Advertising & Marketing, HR, Legal. 
Just Eat Nationwide 50+ DeliveryOps, Commercial, Finance, Project Management, Couriers
DAZN London 100+ Software Engineer, SDET, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, SRE, Cloud Engineer, Scrum Masters. 
LADbible Group London & Manchester 10+ Editorial, Sales, UX
WhiteHat London 35+ Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, Software Engineering, Data Analyst, Project Management.
SuperAwesome London 35 Product, Engineering, Account Management, Sales

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Hunter, co-founder said: “Coronavirus has changed the job market landscape for key industries across the board and caused an unprecedented spike in unemployment in recent weeks. We have seen job cuts and hiring freezes across the country, sparking major concern for the U.K. economy. However, we are pleased to see that many SMEs are still in the market for new employees, so we wanted to highlight which smaller organisations are looking to strengthen their teams amid Coronavirus, and are offering Brits new opportunities.”

Data tables follow:

Top Cities by Demand for Jobs per Major Sector

Healthcare and nursing  IT Teaching Engineering Social work jobs
1. Manchester 1. London 1. Manchester 1. Kent 1. Hampshire
2. Southampton 2. Manchester 2. Essex  2.Bristol 2. Wiltshire
3. Stoke-on-Trent 3. Cambridge 3. Yorkshire 3. Dorset 3. Hertfordshire

Worst cities to find a job

Rank   City Number of vacancies Salaries
1   Bradford 1,049 £29,038
2   Hull 1,082 £30,885
3   Wolverhampton 1,157 £27,459
4   High-Wycombe 1,314 £30,096
5   Stevenage 1,509 £35,091

Further regional or sector data can be made available on request.

Author: Editorial Team

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