Why Employee Morale is More Important than Ever in the Restaurant Business

We all know that restaurant employees are usually not the most well paid. This is one of the reasons why finding new hires can be difficult in this business, as well as avoiding the eternally rotating door. This is why you have to find ways to keep your employees motivated by making their environment as conducive to work as possible while removing stressors and making sure that they feel fulfilled in their work. Here’s why boosting morale is key in the restaurant business.

Happy Employees, Happy Clients

Whether it’s at the kitchen level or with service, happy employees usually translate to better food safety, quality, and speed, as well as better customer interactions.

The food can be great, but if the employee is venting their frustrations on customers, or sabotaging your business out of spite, it will ruin the whole experience and affect how your establishment will ultimately be rated. You can’t afford to have your reputation ruined by a disgruntled employee, as bad perceptions these days can be hard to dispel.

High Morale Improves Collaboration

Kitchen staff that are unmotivated will simply not have the same cohesion as a team that is motivated. If they’re truly motivated to providing the best service, it will reflect in the kitchen’s atmosphere. Employees who are more engaged care more, and it all starts with management and how they feel appreciated or not by ownership or supervisors.

Staffing Issues

The workforce is currently shrinking and new labour and minimum wage laws are making it harder for restaurants to keep employees nowadays. This is why you have to do everything in your power to make sure that your staff feel incentivised to stay. This may be by instituting a tip-sharing system or rewards for long-time employees. These rewards should start kicking in quickly though to make them tangible. Happier employees also tend to be absent less often and are less accident-prone as well.

How You Can Boost Morale in Your Staff

One of the things a lot of people overlook when trying to keep their kitchen staff happy is how well organised the kitchen floor is. For instance, something as simple as installing anti-slip mats around workstations could make an instant difference. Having to constantly fear tripping and injuring themselves while moving can take its toll after a while, and inaction on your part could be seen as a sign of neglect.

Providing the Right Equipment

Employees can’t do their job properly if they don’t have the right equipment. Old, dated equipment is a liability. It breaks down and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Take, for example, refrigeration equipment like fridges, freezers, and ice machines. Finding out that batches of food were ruined because they froze or weren’t kept at the right temperature puts more work and pressure on your employees’ shoulders. Instead of adopting the band-aid approach, invest in your equipment, and by extension, your employees. Companies like fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk can create bespoke cold rooms and freezers according to your specifications. Custom-designed cold storage and freezer rooms will not only make sure that everything is easily findable, but it will boost your employees’ productivity and greatly reduce stress levels in the kitchen as well.

You cannot afford to neglect the morale and wellbeing of your employees, especially in a business like the restaurant trade. Make sure that your employees feel valued and do everything in your power to make their work as easy as possible.

Author: Editorial Team

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