Why having regular training sessions is beneficial for your staff

Retaining good quality staff in the workplace isn’t always an easy feat for employers. With research showing that upwards of 40% of employees who didn’t receive the job training they required to support the progression of their role leave their positions within the first year, it’s more important than ever to support staff development. One of the UK’s leading providers of Driver CPC training, Driver Hire Training have collated exactly why training sessions are the answer to be beneficial for your company.

Up to date knowledge
Ensuring your staff have only the most up to date knowledge of both their role and the industry will almost definitely improve their performance. Rules, regulations and methods are only some of the key pointers that fluctuate frequently within certain industries, so by making certain that your staff are on the ball and at the forefront of each individual change will not only build employee confidence but will benefit the business as a whole.

Improves work ethic
When your staff receive training, work ethic has a tendency to improve. It’s often suggested that this correlation occurs as investing in staff and the progression of their careers has the ability to create a sense of value, which in turn can evoke innovation, and above and beyond working. This attitude brings a more positive atmosphere across the company as a whole, which in turn can create a supportive and more satisfactory workplace for the entire team.

Addresses weaknesses
In order to get the very best out of your employees it’s important to address any weaknesses and implement plans to support improvement and development. It’s normal for each individual employee to have a unique deficiency within their skillset, as each member of staff will have different experience and different ways of working. There’s always room for improvement and allotting specified time for regular training sessions will allow for these weaknesses to be addressed and supported.

Attracts new employees
Research shows that businesses that are actively focusing on their staff’s wellbeing and development, supporting them through training and supportive techniques are much more likely to appeal to potential new members of staff. It’s normal human nature to want to develop in some way or another, and for businesses that are able to provide evidence of this service, they’re far more likely to both obtain and retain fantastic employees, reducing employee turnover.

Increases company reputation and profile
Business reputation itself needs to be considered when putting steps in place to support staff development. By investing in your employees, you are not only increasing work output but can also build an extremely valuable reputation as a company overall. By ensuring your company profile is positive, you’re much more likely to be able to deliver good quality work, at the standard demanded by the industry.

Author: Editorial Team

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