Why Should a Web Developer Understand the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing?

As a web developer, if you feel the only knowledge that is essential for you is to be well versed in programming, then you are highly mistaken. Especially if you own a web development company or work as an entrepreneur, it becomes all the more essential for you to understand the concepts of digital marketing and be well-versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here are a few reasons why we believe it is advantageous for your career if you get a Digital Marketing Certification in London.

1. Lets You Work Individually:

When a client comes to you with a website specification, if you only know how to create an element using coding but have not much idea of the right placements of it, then you cannot work individually but will have to work with someone else. This also means you will have to pay someone else to help you design the site, keeping the optimization in mind. Learning the fundamental SEO concept will eliminate the need to outsource this work and help in increasing your income. 

2. Makes You an All-Rounder:

As a web developer who seeks to start a company, knowing all digital marketing concepts will let you venture out into different fields of digital marketing. You can slowly start offering other services too. You need not do everything on your own but hire a few people to help you out. But as the owner of the venture, it is advantageous if you understand these concepts so that you can guide your team members in a better fashion. 

3. Helps You Design an Updated Website:

As a web developer, when you take up a website design project, the client expects you to adhere to the latest website design norms. A digital marketer is well aware of the latest SEO updates hence you will have the edge of naturally designing a website that is new in concept. 

4. Helps You Understand User Feedback:

A digital marketer knows how to track analytics. This means you can always check if your design is optimized or needs improvement. Each webpage performance can be tracked through analytics hence if you see that the bounce rate of a landing page is higher than others, you should make a few changes and check back the results again. You also get to know if your Call-to-Action (CTA) is really yielding desired results, which also will help you understand if you have placed it right. Using analytics, you can analyze user behavior and their navigation cycle on the site, which will help in identifying the page where users tend to leave the site so you can make modifications. 

5. You Can Do A/B Testing:

A web developer understands the importance of testing a website. This can be done with the help of using analytics. A digital marketer understands how to use analytics results effectively. You can change elements of the site and compare the before and after results to verify the user’s preferred design elements. 

The Bottom Line:

Knowing various programming languages makes you a coder and not a web developer. When you understand coding along with optimization, this is when you become a proficient web developer. 

Author: Editorial Team

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