Why team jollies are good for business

Does your team need a break? In the fast paced world of business, employees are routinely expected to perform at peak levels, often in pressured work environments, working long hours and to tight deadlines. Stress related illnesses are unfortunately a common occurrence, particularly among those team members who never take their foot of the gas at work.


Most employers are only too aware of the problems of stress in the workplace and can see the value of offering their staff the occasional break from the office routine. Team building outings are a popular way to take the team away from the daily grind for a day, and the benefits in terms of morale, communication, team bonding and so forth are well documented.



From Archery to Zorbing, there’s a wide choice of group activities and exercises that can be booked with the express purpose of strengthening team working, which in turn has a positive impact on productivity back in the office.


That’s all very well but what about just having fun together?


Sadly, not that many employers are aware of the benefits of team outings that don’t have a set agenda. Is there a good business case for a team social, a corporate jolly where everyone goes out together with the sole aim of just having a nice time? Well, yes – it’s all about creating balance and sustainability in the team.


Like in the old adage ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ we all need time off to relax and recharge our batteries. Without the occasional fun social event to look forward to, it’s easy to burn out. And with long business hours and stressful occupations, company outings are the perfect time for your employees to take their minds off work and enjoy socialising together.


Company outings can be as simple as a regular team lunch, Friday evening drinks at the local bar, or a monthly pub quiz, or they can be more elaborate and costly. If booking a group activity, letting your team decide from a provider such as Into the Blue, where over 1,000 experiences can be whittled down to the most relevant for your team is ideal. Perhaps an occasional spa day or an annual trip to Ascot or Wimbledon might appeal to your team? Of course, office jollies can be expensive but with a positive company culture that values its employees’ physical and mental needs, the investment will be well worth it in the long run.


Here are some good reasons why:


Replenishing creative juices

Just like batteries, we all need to recharge our energies on a regular basis so we can continue to be in positive spirits, with an openly creative and motivated mind set. A good team outing allows the brain to relax.

Whether you organise a karaoke night out, a barbeque party or a day’s white water rafting, the important thing is for your staff to have fun. The more you can mentally let go and the less the brain has to actively ‘do’, the more effective the recharging of creative cells will be!

That way, come Monday morning, your team will return to work with fresh energy, motivated and ready to perform to the best of their abilities.


Building team cohesion

Offering up opportunities for your staff to socialise outside the normal working environment is bound to bring them closer together.

Sometimes we need to cut loose and not feel that we can’t say something to someone because they’re a superior. Office outings facilitate conversations between people across departments and at different levels of seniority.

It’s a chance to get to know each other that doesn’t revolve around the job, where there are no hierarchies, to-do lists, deadlines or expectations of behaviour.


Creating company profit

This may sound like an odd one but bear with. Is it not a fact that employees who feel very positive towards their employer are more motivated to contribute towards the company’s commercial success? In fact, according to research carried out by Gallup, there at least a 20% boost to productivity and profitability among companies with high levels of staff engagement compared to businesses with lower engagement levels.

Clearly, employers who value their team’s overall wellbeing and make a point of balancing ‘work’ with ‘play’ by regularly organising things like company lunches, nights out and the odd fun away day, are in a good position. By nurturing and supporting the team, you’re maximising the chances of those efforts to be repaid many times over.

Author: Editorial Team

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