Women Claim Less Than Half The Business Expenses Of Men

New research has revealed that women reclaim £92.95 per month on average whilst men on average will reclaim £184.34.


It highlighted that women were more likely to have an average monthly meal expense of under £10, while men are almost twice as likely to claim meals for over £100.



Comparatively, more than 60% of the women said they had no monthly hotel expenses, compared to 47% of the men; whether this is because they can save money by staying with friends, family or otherwise, or whether this is because less women are in high-powered roles to need this expense is unclear.



The research was released in a recent report by Allstar Business Solutions, analysing the impact of ‘pay and reclaim’ expense management, where employees are required to pay costs upfront and claim back later.


Women were more likely not to claim because they didn’t know the process, or worried about getting into trouble with their workplace whilst men were overall more likely not to claim on their expenses for a variety of reasons, from thinking the amount was too little to feeling embarrassed about reclaiming.



More than a third of respondents said they never claim back their expenses, and 58% routinely don’t claim if they are owed more than £5, as they consider the amount ‘too little’.


The latter reason acts as a testament to how poorly managed pay and reclaim processes – where employees must jump through hoops to be reimbursed – cause both employees and businesses to suffer, as employees who don’t feel comfortable reclaiming are more likely to avoid having to make such costs in the first place.



The survey of 2,001 British workers indicated that as many as a quarter of workers have postponed or cancelled meetings to avoid paying the cost themselves, with men more likely to cancel meetings to save on paying expenses up front.


A further third of employees report they have felt “financially unstable” because they had to absorb large or unexpected expenses. The process can be especially limiting for younger employees or those within lower pay bands and, as a result, 60% don’t set aside money from their monthly earnings in case of business expenses.


Overall, almost two-thirds (64%) of people described the pay and reclaim process as frustrating, with the average employee having to wait four weeks before their expenses are paid.


Read the full visual report here: https://www.allstarcard.co.uk/out-of-pocket/

Author: Editorial Team

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