Women ‘too busy’ to take time off work for female health appointments

  • Millions of women avoiding female health appointments because of heavy workload.
  • Many too embarrassed to ask their boss for time off to address health concerns
  • Top health worries include cervical health, menopause and breast cancer

Work commitments and not wanting to bring the subject up with their boss is leading to millions of women avoiding seeking help for their female health concerns, potentially damaging their health and wellbeing.

According to a new report by Bupa Health Clinics, with people in the UK working longer hours, almost a quarter (24%) of women say they have missed a health appointment because they are too busy to take time off work.

Meanwhile, over three million[1] women admit they have avoided seeking help for their female health concerns because they were simply too embarrassed to broach the subject with ther boss.

Dr Petra Simic, Medical Director, Bupa Health Clinics, said:

“The ‘always on’ culture we now live in can lead to prioritising work over other important things, like our health.
“With the majority of health concerns, the key is spotting and treating problems early, so it’s important that women are having regular health assessments with a clinical expert to address any isues they may have. Being proactive about your health and addressing concerns early is likely to lead to less sick days taken, so it also makes business sense to encourage employees to take better care of themselves.”

The report also revealed that if women were to visit their GP, over a quarter (28%) would want to discuss cervical health, while other priority areas include the menopause, breast cancer and periods.

Dr Simic continued: “Whether they feel embarrassed to raise the topic with their manager, are scared, or think they don’t have the time, it’s important women don’t avoid medical appointments if they have concerns.

“Women who are unsure about their health should consider a female health assessment, designed specifically to address these concerns. This offers women the opportunity to have dedicated time to discuss any concerns and confusion, and to receive the correct guidance and individually-tailored advice from the experts.”

Bupa Health Clinics is offering a 20% discount on all Female Health Assessments bookings made in October.

Author: Editorial Team

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