Working from home for the long haul? 5 items you need to spruce up your home office

The onset of coronavirus has meant that many of us have started working from home – in some cases, for the first time.

While it’s possible you might be feeling a bit of cabin fever, some businesses have discovered that the working-from-home model is a sustainable one and you might have the option to continue with it even after lockdown restrictions ease up.

If you’re planning on continuing to work from home, you might want to start thinking about how to permanently make your home space a little more comfortable – and maybe even a little more fun – to increase productivity and generally look after your posture and overall health.

Discount code and charity fundraising website Savoo have pulled together some items you should consider to spruce up your environment.

The Right Chair

In the office, it’s a legal requirement that you have a chair with adjustable height and a backrest, but at home, you might not have the same opportunities.

In an office job, you might be spending up to seven or eight hours every day seated in front of a screen, so it’s worth spending a bit more on a chair that supports your body right.

In particular, you should look at ones with lumbar support (to protect against lower back pain), and an adjustable backrest and height, which can help with both neck comfort and protect your vision if you set up your distance from the screen correctly.

A Desk Plant

A desk plant is a great (and affordable!) way to add a little life to a desk whether it’s in the office or at home.

Many choose cacti to keep maintenance low, but did you know that some plants – and even some succulents – can help purify your air?

Use plants like aloe vera or species from the Dracaena family- like snake plants or warneckii to help filter out some air pollutants and boost energy, focus, and mood – as well as brighten your environment with a little green!

Desk Fans and Heaters

As we proceed into the heat of the summer, you might be missing the office air conditioning. And when winter rolls around, it’ll be just as bad when it’s cold – so why not spend a little on a desk-based fan or heater (or if you suffer from extreme temperatures, either way, both)?

Smaller, battery-powered fans can be only a couple of pounds, but if you’re really sweltering, a larger fan is sure to take some of the sting out of summer working, keeping you more alert and awake throughout the day!

A Coffee Machine

Tea might be your drink of choice, but if you’re a coffee-lover, it can be tough giving up the quality of the office coffee machine or shop coffees in favour of homemade brews.

If you want to recapture some of the strength and flavour, it might be worth splashing out on a professional machine to make your espressos and lattes.

While they might be a little pricey, particularly at the top end of the range, a good quality machine will serve you for many years and keep your energy and mood high, plus it may end up paying for itself quicker than you think! And if you’re smart about finding discounts or deals, you might be able to shave the price down and feel money-savvy as well as well-caffeinated.


Working from home, you might already have some decorations in place. But if you’ve chosen a quiet corner to do your work, it might be worth putting up some artwork to make it feel more cosy. And since you’re in charge of the space, you can put up whatever you want!

If you’re thinking more practically, though, you might want to select colours that help keep energy up. Bright blues can help pick you up when you’re feeling tired and encourage feelings of wakefulness – great for getting over the afternoon slump.

Artwork doesn’t have to break the bank either: simple prints from independent artists can be very affordable while also ensuring you have something your co-workers haven’t seen before!

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Author: Editorial Team

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