Working Remotely: Communication, Motivation & Productivity

Remote working has been on the rise for many years and the current Coronavirus outbreak is now forcing even more people to work from home. Remote working can actually bring a handful of advantages to both the employer and employee so it should certainly be embraced, but it can also pose a few challenges when it comes to communication, motivation and productivity.


Communication is critical to success in any industry, but it is made much harder when everyone is apart and working remotely. This is why it is so important to have the right technology available and to make sure that everyone understands what is expected in terms of communication. Parcel2Go is one company which has had to hit the ground running when it comes to remote working and have found that having a range of methods to adapt to everyone’s needs is key, including methods like video conferencing, email, text, online chat and phone calls.


Motivation is another area which can be challenging to manage because you are unable to benefit from the workplace atmosphere and provide support for your team. Many people adapt well to working from home and find that they are able to work to a high standard unsupervised, but it can be a challenge for many which can result in a dip in performance.

Parcel2Go has found that a smart way to keep a remote workforce motivated is to make sure that people are taking time out to do something different, such as an online game that employees can play together or a non-work-related video chat. Head of Operations Phil Woodbridge explained how Parcel2Go are motivating their remote workers during this challenging time by providing support while not micromanaging:

“Making sure that people know we are there but to also give them time to themselves – we are all in this together.


Following on from this, productivity can sometimes rise with remote working but this is not always the case and it will depend on the individual. The key to managing productivity when it comes to remote working is regular communication and to set up weekly reviews where you can ask how they are feeling working from home, review their performance and discuss how improvements could be made. Additionally, it is helpful for people to have a strict routine when working from home so that they can be consistent and also so that you know when the best time to contact them is.

The Coronavirus outbreak has created many challenges for businesses in all industries, including managing remote teams and employees that may not have worked from home before. Parcel2Go has found innovative ways to handle the communication, motivation and productivity challenges that remote working presents so that everyone can benefit from remote working.

Author: Editorial Team

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