Write a Job Description that Attracts Candidates

The perfect job description will attract plenty of qualified candidates to choose from.  However, If it isn’t worded and formatted properly, you may find yourself in a pinch when trying to fill positions.  We’ve outlined the best advice for those wanting to write job descriptions that motivate candidates to apply.



Let’s take a look at what can keep potential employees from applying for a job:


Lack of Clarity – Job descriptions need to be clear and concise.  Words like “Rockstar, Dynamite, Ninja, etc, don’t provide a clear idea of what is involved with the position and its required duties, skills, and expertise.


Cold/Unfriendly Tone –  Dull, cold, and overly professional job descriptions drive away potential candidates as they don’t inspire much confidence in job satisfaction.


Lack of Detail –  Vague and unclear duties, expectations, salary, location, etc, will give no information to a potential candidate about your position.



So you know what you are doing wrong, but, how do you turn it around so that you can write job descriptions that attract the best candidates to your position?  We all know the basics:


  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Requirements/Expectations
  • Salary/Benefits
  • Skill Requirements


But HOW you write and structure your job description is vital to attracting candidates to apply for a job:


Create a Job Title the same way it might appear on a resume – Candidates are looking for jobs that will help elevate their careers.  The difference between “Ninja IT Guy/Rockstar Editor” and “Qualified IT Programmer/Professional Editor” can make all the difference to a potential candidate that is looking for a position that will make them hireable to any and all future employers.


Create a clear and detailed job description –  Descriptions that clearly identify core duties and expectations are sure to make potential employees want to apply. This also includes clearly defined – and essential – skills that are required and/or highly valued for the position.


Explain the benefits of working with your company – It’s important to market your company (and the job position) to potential candidates as a viable option for supporting their life, creating a rewarding and long term work environment.  Details about the company’s goals, achievements, volunteer work, office conditions, benefits, and more can be just the additional information you need to make your job description attractive to potential candidates.


If you’re stuck writing a job description that will attract candidates to apply for your job – don’t worry!  There are plenty of ways to get the help you need:


Get feedback from those with experience in the position

Share the job description with others in your office to make sure that it best represents your company and the candidates that you want to attract

Search the internet for similar job descriptions to get ideas for phrasing and structure

Hire experienced writers from companies like EssayTigers to complete the job description for you


Following the advice above is a great start to creating job descriptions that lure candidates to apply for your job, but there is more you can do to attract potential candidates:


Speak actively rather than passively – When interviewing a potential employee, most companies are drawn to those that speak about what benefits they can bring to a company rather than list off what they were required to do at previous jobs.  In the same way, the tone and verbiage you use should impress upon a potential candidate all the ways that they will benefit from working for your company.  Using words like “WE” and “YOU” will directly engage potential applicants and motivate them to apply for your position.


Make your job description easy to find, read, and apply for from any device. –  It is important that your job description is formatted and presented in a way that lets anyone apply for it from anywhere and at any time.  Posting on job sites like Indeed, Gumtree, LinkedIn, etc, attract large amounts of qualified candidates because they are instantly notified of vacant job positions and can apply for them right then and there on their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.


Use Neutral Language. – Make sure that the words you choose to use in your job description are all-inclusive.  It is imperative that your description does not alienate potential candidates based on gender, age, ability, etc.  This can not only decrease the number of job seekers applying for the position but also give your company a poor reputation making it even harder to find, let alone, hire qualified candidates.


Just remember that a job description is the first introduction a potential candidate will have to your company.  Make sure to write a job description that best represents the company, the job position, and benefits of choosing to apply!



Author: Editorial Team

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