New Gen Z study reveals ambitious graduates seek management jobs within 5 Years

New research from specialist research and consulting firm Millennial Branding has revealed that the next generation of new graduates, Generation Z,  due to enter the workforce later this year, are more ambitious than any generation that has come before them.


Generation Z is the generation born between 1994 and 2010, and the first wave is due to hit workforces later this year. More than three out of four believe that they will need to work harder compared to past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional life. They are jaded from the recession and many suffer from student loans.

1 in 3 of them expect to reach management level within their first 5 years in employment.

A significant aspect of this generation is its widespread usage of the internet from a young age. Members of Generation Z are generally comfortable with technology, and are very familiar with socializing on social media.  This generation are heavily reliant on technology and unsurprisingly, Millenial Branding’s research found that nine in ten of them would be ‘upset’ if they had to give up their internet connection, and almost 4 in 5 of them exhibited signs of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices.

The recession has taught Generation Z to be independent, and has led to an entrepreneurial desire, after seeing their parents and older siblings struggle in the workforce.

Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Millennial Branding,  said:

“Gen Z already has a clear advantage over Gen Y.  They appear to be more realistic and less optimistic, are likely to be more career-minded, and can quickly adapt to new technology to work more effectively. Gen Z has seen how much Gen Y has struggled in the recession, and come to workplace better prepared, less entitled and more equipped to succeed.”

Millennial Branding’s research reveals that not only do 1 in 3 new graduates want to become managers in the next 5 years, more than 3 in 4 believe they will need to work harder compared to past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional life.

It was also revealed that 1 in 3 new graduates want to retire by their 60th birthday, but less than 1 in 5 think this is remotely possible.

With new graduates due to hit the workplace shortly, the Brighton School of Business and Management has used the research to put together an infographic showing employers what they can expect from the new, tech savvy workforce.

Author: Editorial Team

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