28% of employees are at risk of leaving their job this month

WorkL for Business has analysed over 9,000 individual test scores from its workplace survey taken this month so far and can reveal that the current ‘Flight Risk’ is 28. This means that over a quarter of the respondents are at risk of leaving their job this month because they are unhappy at work. This is also up 2% on last month.

The flight risk is calculated from four questions in the Workl happy at work survey taken by over 2,000 employees a week. Exit surveys highlight where low scores on certain questions trigger a departure from the business.

Looking at the Flight Risk by industry shows that those working in Hospitality are most likely to be a Flight Risk with a high score of 39% risk. This is followed by the Telecommunications and Publishing, 36% and Wholesale, 34%. This is broken down further by WorkL for Business by company and the results can be viewed here.

Well-Being Risk

The data also highlights this month’s Well-Being Risk which is currently at 33% which means that a third of employees are falling below average with their Well-Being score in the survey. The higher the number, the larger the percentage of employees with low well-being, the higher the risk. A percentage score of 0%, indicates no employees with low Well-Being scores.

These results are a useful indicator for employers to monitor employees with the aim to improve employee retention rates and ensure that their teams are happy and engaged.

Research shows that happy and engaged employees drive 20% improvement in profits, productivity and reduce employees’ sick absence and staff turnover. Individuals who feel they have more control over their working life, well-being and environment will take more responsibility for the success of their employer.

Lord Mark Price, Founder of WorkL for Business comments; “We’ve created the ultimate employee engagement platform, helping organisations around the world cost-effectively measure and improve employee experience. We’re driven by the belief that the more engaged and happier your employees are the greater your commercial success will be. Our monthly Flight Risk and Well-Being Risk are a valuable tool to help businesses keep a close eye on the happiness and engagement of their teams, to ultimately increase productivity.”

WorkL for Business has analysed over 250,000 individual test scores from its workplace survey to date. The test measure factors such as working environment, relationship with line manager, sense of purpose and career progression. 

Author: Editorial Team

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