3 Tech Industries Recruiting Under the Radar

Tech companies are among the fastest-growing businesses around the world. But that is not the only reason why so many people would choose to work for one. They are also known to offer generous salary packages and benefits and have some of the most desirable work culture and environment.

As companies are trying to adapt to a tight job market in the IT industry, they are doing what they can to attract the best talents. For some companies, that means filling in this year’s most in-demand positions, which range from cyber-security to data-focused positions.

Here are some of the most high-paying tech industries that are currently recruiting under the radar.

  1. Machine AI

The vast majority of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements and applications that we are using today have been made possible with the help of machine learning algorithms. Machine Learning Algorithms use statistics in looking for patterns in a massive amount of data, which encompasses a lot of things, including words and images. The pattern derived from the data is then digitally stored and fed into a machine-learning algorithm.

Machine learning is the process that’s responsible for the various services that we enjoy in this modern-day, such as those on Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, search engines like Google, and social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter. Thus, machine learning experts and engineers are in great demand these days. If you are a tech-savvy person and enjoy bringing in innovation in a fast-paced environment, then this career might be perfect for you.

Machine learning experts fall under a group of professionals in IT management. They are experts in coding, mathematics, and technologies. As a machine learning expert, your main role is to look for ways to optimize software use in the daily operations of the company, such as in the financial department. You will be tasked to make the software perform faster, more user-friendly, and error-proof. Part of your role is to develop, test, and implement technological solutions for a wide range of departments.

To successfully perform the role of a machine learning engineer, you need to possess exceptional skills in programming and statistics. But you will have a higher chance of getting accepted for this role if you possess vast knowledge and experience in data science and software engineering.

  • Automation and Controls Industry

Both automation and control are important in the modern manufacturing industry. These days, a lot of the manufacturing assembly lines are using programmable control systems for their daily operations. If you are interested to work in this field, you must have practical and theoretical knowledge of how these systems work.

In this modern age of manufacturing, automation has become a compulsory tool that helps companies to thrive in the competitive market by improving product quality and enhancing the flexibility of production. Computer-aided design and computer-integrated manufacturing systems are some of the most essential tools for manufacturing these days. In computer numeric control, automation and control of machines are responsible for product quality and machine availability. 

There are three types of automation in the field of production – fixed automation, programmable automation, and flexible automation. Fixed automation refers to the automated production facility where the process of operations is fixed through equipment configuration. The programmed commands are contained in the machines with the use of gears, wiring, and some other hardware that cannot be easily changed over from one product to another. Meanwhile, programmable automation is a type of automation used for producing products in batches. It produces products in batch quantities, ranging from dozens to thousands of units at a time.

Flexible automation is like the extension of programmable automation. With programmable automation, you will have to spend a lot of time reprogramming and changing the production equipment for every batch of products. Flexible automation can remedy this problem. With flexible automation, the variety of products is sufficiently limited, so the changeover of equipment can be done automatically and at a very fast pace.

If you’re interested to take up a career in manufacturing as an engineer there is current boom of high level automation and controls engineering recruitment helping to grow the industry. If you are new to the sector you can take up courses that consist of a combination of lectures, seminars, and tutorials. You will also have hands-on training in using control and automation equipment including process control rig, robotic arm, various microcontroller hardware, etc.

  • Cyber Security

Given the surging cases of cybercrimes these days, the cybersecurity industry has flourished. In fact, the demand for cybersecurity experts has far outpaced the supply. This means that if you are searching for a career in cybersecurity, then you will have lots of options to choose from.

Your main role as a cybersecurity expert is to install firewalls, organize the company’s files and networks, create security plans, and monitor cyber activities. Once a breach occurs, you will be responsible for identifying the problem and finding the right solution as soon as possible. Of course, your role and responsibilities will depend on the industry that you work for. As you explore your options, you may want to take a closer look at the various industries that are in need of cybersecurity professionals.

Most of the cybercrimes take place within the financial sector, so it comes as no surprise why financial service industries are in dire need of cybersecurity professionals. As a cybersecurity professional, your role is to help financial companies on mitigating business risk and implementing comprehensive security systems.

Working for the government as a cybersecurity expert is a lucrative career. The government systems are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks given the vast number of data that gets stored there. Compared to the private sector, the government has become a treasure trove of information for hackers who wanted to expose information that can put national security at risk. Unfortunately, the government’s inability to secure its systems is due in part to its inability to hire the best talents in the field of cybersecurity. If you want to make a significant impact on national security, then working as a cybersecurity professional for the government is a great idea. The other industries that need experienced cybersecurity professionals to help guide them on abating cybersecurity risk are Health Care, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Author: Editorial Team

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