3 ways to supercharge staff in 2019

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously easy to break — that’s why January’s new gym gear is often gathering dust by the time spring has sprung.

And if you’re not careful, loyal staff tired of turn of the year promises about cultural change might extend their New Year cobweb clearing regime to removing themselves from your firm for good.

If you want your employees to feel appreciated so that your business survives and thrives, it’s time to take radical action.

With that in mind, here are five ways to supercharge your staff in 2019.

Weed out bad managers

While some employers claim that the definition of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ management is completely subjective, there are measurable ways of recognising poor leaders.

For instance, if you can’t retain talented, high-performing staff and they cite management clashes as a major factor for moving on in their exit interviews, there’s only so long this can be repeated before you decide that a negligent team leader is the issue.

Writing for business bible Forbes, leadership strategist Jeff Hyman believes you’ll never keep valued workers and attract new ones without weeding out substandard managers whose behavior consistently contravenes organisational values.

So for the good of your business, grab your metaphorical broom and sweep bad managers out of your organisation in 2019 — things will feel so fresh without them.

Banish cubicle farms

For employees packed into ecru cubicle farms like corporate chickens, experiencing the type of light, sociable ambience that’s conducive to creativity and a highly productive state of flow is a far-flung fantasy.

Yet almost 20 years into the 21st Century, these 1960s design hangovers are all to common in otherwise modern businesses.

Simple improvements like introducing vertical desks and breakout areas can immediately improve physical and psychological health, while introducing plants can purify the air.

But according to design gurus Architectural Digest, the Eudaimonia Machine might be the ultimate work environment.

Based on Aristotle’s theory of Eudaimonia, or the peak of human capability, each area is tailor-made for specific work tasks. So for instance, spacious communal areas are used for lively team brainstorming sessions, but cloistered studies far from group distractions are reserved for ‘deep work’.

Prioritise mental health

Workplace stress costs billions in lost productivity for British businesses each year.

But what might be even more expensive than the absenteeism associated with stress is psycho- presenteeism — which occurs when staff attend work in body but not in mind, perform at a fraction of their usual capacity, endanger their health and make costly mistakes.

So a crucial resolution for any employer this year should be finally stopping paying lip service to workplace mental health issues.

So a crucial resolution for any employer this year should be finally stopping paying lip service to workplace mental health issues.

If a thorough review of policies and procedures in action reveals that the supportive culture you proclaim isn’t reality, it’s time to make amends by making mental health awareness training mandatory for all managers, monitoring the behavior of staff and stepping in to support employees when life or work events become too much for them to cope with alone.

This could mean employing an organisational psychologist to diagnose the problems present in the corporate body and prescribe a root and branch solution and employing full-time counsellors to offer the type of professional support that’s beyond the ken of the average HR employee. F

Further, you should promptly and proactively provide staff and their families with the details of specialist lawyers like Switalskis Solicitors who can provide legal assistance if they become acutely ill.

None of these three suggestions is simple to execute — but taken in combination, they’re worth their weight in gold in terms of recruitment, retention and making staff who might spend most of their lives furthering the cause of your business feel respected, valued and cared for.

And once they’re embedded, these are corporate New Year’s resolutions which will supercharge staff for their entire careers.

What’s your plan for supercharging your staff in 2019? Share it in the comments section.

Author: Editorial Team

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