5 Corporate Team Building Activities that Are Actually Fun

What’s it like sitting in a cubicle, crunching numbers and meeting deadlines. Strenuous, right? The rigmaroles of office life can take its toll. Your workforce needs some away days to beat the stress and get back fresh, raring to go.


With option galore you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to team building events. For all budgets and seniority levels, these events will not only uplift the employees’ morale, but will also help them build lasting friendships that will boost productivity.



This list of activities is by no means exhaustive. You are only limited by your imagination and by the amount of fun you are capable of handling. So read on and get ready for some serious team building pleasure.


Boot Camp

Let some good old military style training stir up things. If getting out of comfort zones had a name, it’ll be Boot Camp. Great for breaking down barriers, the participants will be forced to collaborate their way out of situations the drill sergeant gets them into.


Working in a fast and methodical way, the participants will get to sharpen their all round decision making skills. Imagine sharing limited rations with your hungry unit.These situations are created as pressure tests to gauge your ability under unfavourable conditions.


For added fun the participants can also be taken through live firing drills. Learn how to shoot a sniper rifle or a semi automatic.


Escape Rooms


This one is sure to get all the RSVP’s in not time. Escape rooms have lately become quite the phenomena. You and the workmates will be thrust into a room full of cryptic clues, creepy creatures or even a serial killer. The objective is to get out before the timer runs out.


Great for a small sized team. Escape rooms will help bridge the communication gap. With the clock ticking, the pressure to get out will mount. This will teach the teams how to analyse situations and manage time.


Escape rooms thrillers can also be great for team building exercises. Solving a difficult riddle can surely be done better with many minds rather than one.


Theme Party


Nothing gets the team together better than a theme party. Be it a fancy masquerade ball or a loud Bollywood party. A quirky theme will work wonders in bringing the staff together.


A brilliant idea for after conference dos. Your themed party will be great if some suggestions can be taken in advance. Let the employees have a say in how they want their fun.


A free bar always helps lift the spirits. But also include some fun games or even a conga line to get people off the bar and into the action.




If building teamwork is your goal then Paintball is your answer. This is a superb activity for large sized team looking for some outdoor time with the workmates.


Two teams of eager paintballers are created out of the lot. The goal is to achieve the objective with minimum ‘casualties’. Sounds easy? Not quite.


Team building days with paintballing takes some planning. Your teams will be given time to recce the area of battle. Strategize to your advantage, this includes placing combatants in important locations and maintaining a constant line of communication.


By the end of your paintball battle a fatality count will be taken and a winning team will emerge.


The Conclusion


There are so many ways in which your team building events can be made extra special. All it takes is a little research and some ingenuity. If you’re not up for the planning part of it, leave it to professionals who will make sure the event delivers on the every front.


A successful team outing will ensure the staff members are back to work with full gusto. The productivity will soar until next year when you will need to pep them up again with a healthy dose of fun and games.

Author: Editorial Team

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